Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Street Fighter IV US Limited edition Content!

Gamestop has just updated the SF4 Collector edition's product page with what is going to be included in it.

The content so far is similar to what the european version is getting with ONE exception:

while the european version will get 2 figures of both ryu and Viper, the us version will include only ONE, based on what system you are getting it for. Ps3 owners will get the Ryu action figure (Yay!) while the 360 owners will get C. Viper.

On the  "PLUS" side, the US version will also get a SF4 soundtrack cd.

Another detail a that has been revealed as well is that the downloadable bonus that has been mentioned to be featured in both the european and us version of the collector's edition, consists of 5 extra character costumes. 

The full list of included goodies as seen on Gamestop is as follows: 
  • A Blu-Ray Bonus Disc with HD 65-minute full-length Anime movie and promotional trailers.
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Collectible Figurine: Ryu
  • Udon/Prima Hint book
  • Downloadable Content: 5 Alternate Costumes.
source: Gamestop Via Kotaku


Anonymous said...

lucky ps3 owners...

asiantom said...

Ha! This is a terrific confirmation. When I went to pre-order SFIV at gamestop this past weekend, the kid behind the counter asked if I had heard what EU was getting and told me we were getting just a headband.

I kept my hopes up and it paid off!

Oh, I have an xbox360 and I actually don't mind at all getting a lil C.Viper. I don't know about anyone else, but I like her! (I wouldn't say she's anywhere near as iconic as Ryu or the others though)

John Tinning said...

Finally the EU version is better than the US version... whats happening with the world? Normally its us that gets screwed!

Holygriever said...

DAMN I wanted a Ken figurine. Or a Chunners. Oh well.

Does anyone know if there's some site selling pre-orders that actually SHIP TO BRAZIL? 'coz I sure don't. =p

Anonymous said...

looks like ryu will be 4 me ;)

Anonymous said...

WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET SOME GAMEPLAY OF ROSE AND GEN seems as if kmow1 has even played with them at all which i no is some bull has to be at least one

Anonymous said...

cant w8 to play all you sf guys will be fun

Holygriever said...

F***********CK! The pre-order ships through EBGames to here for 144,98 USD. Times 2,5 (our currency). Times 1,8 (taxes). That's just ABSURD. =(

strugler said...

holygriever thats a lot !!!
is this from ? you should have tried there shipping at time are quite fast for international and they carry all types of region for any game (us, eu, jpn)

Anonymous said...

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