Monday, December 29, 2008

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li Trailer!!!! (Finally))

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-li, remember that the movie is coming out in february ? well a trailer is here to remind us of that.

The trailer is in japanese and in a tiny flash format but it is enough for you to see that bison wears a white soon in this movie, and when i say a suit i mean a business suit with a tie. Oh did i mention he has a goatie ?

I will post my impression on the trailer later in the day, in the mean time let me know what you guys think of the trailer.

Special Thanx to Jason Wong for the head's up.

Edit: Check out The youtube Video of the Trailer:

My Impressions:

What do i think of the trailer ? let's just say that my hopes went down after watching the trailer. I am, of course, not judging the full movie, but based on this trailer i see a LOT of missed opportunities. But to be fair i am gonna divide my impressions into two categories: Pros and Cons

- Action looks good.
- Chun-li throws kikoken in the movie 
- the vega fight looks great

- Bison wears a white suite and a tie ??? has a goatie ???? CMOOOON
- too much guns and explosives for a street fighter movie
- gen looks like chun-li's older brother and not like an old assasin
- chun-li is wearing black in most of the action sequences shown in the trailer
- no familiar costumes for the characters.
- Gen can form ki balls now ???

I do understand that the producers of the movie have said that they won't make bison wearing his video game uniform for the sake of realism. But if chun-li can throw kikokens in the movie i dont know why bison cannot wear a military suite, i think the average movie goer can believe bison wearing a military red suite with a hat more than a kikoken.
The movie does look like a decent hong kong action flick but really does not feel like street fighter. 
I really do not understand why does a street fighter movie have to be realistic in this age where people enjoy watching movies that have big robots, wall sticking super heroes and flying human beings. Here is hoping there is still a good story behind this action flick.  


YouTube Addict said...

Define irony: Robin Shou in a Street Fighter movie looking like Shang Tsung did in the Mortal Kombat movie he was in.

Red White said...

I personally liked it! I've had a bit of hindrance looking at this movie but now I'm feeling more positive about it! I just hope the energy attacks start looking more solid instead of a floating ball of gas.
And I can go with that kind of Bison. Only because he's switched bodies before and it only makes sense if his appearance changed along the way. Nothing a razor can't get rid of later. I'm sure they're keeping the fans in mind with this movie. Balrog is looking tight too. Nice to see him showing off some raw power.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is: LMAO @ Vega

asiantom said...

Another Pro: Looks better than the first Street Fighter movie.

I have to say I don't like the realism they were going for in terms of costumes. Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, what is so unrealistic about an old Chinese man with WHITE hair and a WHITE beard wearing a purple changshan(huh?).

Oh well, the trailer looks alright. But it doesn't look like Street Fighter

Holygriever said...

This seems to be a fun piece of trash movie just like Van Damme's. I think I'll enjoy it a lot. :D

Anonymous said...

"Looks better than the first Street Fighter movie"

Are you shiting me? The first one had Van freaking Damme in it with freaking US flag tatoos. I will get first SF movie over "teh realism" any day,lol.

Anonymous said...

Ps: There is no place for realism in Street Fighter.

-ihsanamin- said...


Ian A. said...

Looks really bad. I will be shocked if this reviews well. If you didn't tell me this was related to street fighter there is no way I would be able to tell. Just another female martial arts movie... sooo tired of that... Kill Bill, Charlies Angels, Resident Evil, Underworld, Elektra, now our beloved Chun Li will be trashed...

Anonymous said...

Can the director of DOOM make a shittier Street Fighter movie than Van Damme's? Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

not that bad it isnt like they wear there game outfits 24/7 im sure to be realistic like in comics they do wear average clothes just like the movie is showing and to ian how did you not like underworld and resident evil?

Anonymous said...

not that bad it isnt like they wear there game outfits 24/7 im sure to be realistic like in comics they do wear average clothes just like the movie is showing and to ian how did you not like underworld and resident evil?

Ian A. said...

To anonymous:

Resident Evil and Underworld both have this in common;

Horrible acting, boring plot (and in RE, is nothing like the games,) very bad fight choreography with an actress who knows nothing about martial arts or handling guns, and to pull it all together very low budget special effects and CG work that can't even match up to old movies like Jurassic Park...

They suck - this movie will likely fit the same description.

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