Thursday, December 25, 2008

What we Know about the Madcatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Stick

Hey Guys, after i noticed a lot of people do not know much about the SF4 TE Arcade sticks that amazed us just by looking at them i decided to post all what we knos so far about the sticks to help you guys to snap one.

- The Sticks will available with the release of Street Fighter IV

- Rumor: The Stick is wireless on ps3 but not on Xbox 360

- The stick is made of the same genuine high quality Sanwa parts (known for durability) that are in the sf4 arcade cabinet.

- the layout of the buttons and stick is the same as the sf4 arcade cabinet creating the same feeling you get while playing the game in the arcade.

- The faceplates are interchangeable, meaning you can change the art easily if you want to do so.

- The buttons are snap in making it easy to mod the stick if you choose to do so.

- the sticks work on pc (duh!)

- the TE sticks are only available through pre-order and the quantities are very very limited (i cannot stress this enough)

- The full list of features will go public right after CES 2009 (which is january 8th to 11th)

To pre order the ps3 version of the TE stick click on the image below:

To pre order the xbox360 version of the TE stick click on the link below:


m00ie said...

Awsome. Thanks for the info, they look pro.

Tyrell said...

Some of that info is wrong. Take a look at this link, there is a short FAQ on the page.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

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