Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video of The Day: Capcom Unboxing the SFIV Arcade Stick

Kramez has posted on Capcom Unity a cool video of some dude at capcom unboxing the official madcatz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition arcade stick which will go on sale (in VERY limited quantities) on february for $150

Ahhh! capcom, you are quite the teasers. 

ps: if you have not preordered one yet i suggest you do so quickly as Capcom and Madcatz have stated that stores will only get the sticks for the preorders, so you will not be able to wak in a store i buy them.


Anonymous said...

nice n thnx for the tip bout that they will only ship preorders cause i prolly wulda been a walk-in person lol but now ppl can know

Anonymous said...

Is this wireless? I didn't notice any cords.

Anonymous said...

are they dual-console, like the SF 15th Ann. Stick?

Anonymous said...

Im more concerned about where you can get this, haven't seen it on any european retailer's sites or preorder lists.

Is this going to be US Exclusive?

Anonymous said...

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