Friday, January 9, 2009

EGM's Unpublished Street Fighter IV Article reveals a lot and is now online

As promised by the last editor in chief of the recently cancelled EGM magazine, the Street Fighter IV preview that was due to be published in the february issue of the magazine is now online at

The magazine reveals quite a lot about the game modes such as the great sounding Trial mode.

From the Article: "SF4 essentially breaks down the challenge mode into three main categories -- Time Attack, Survival, and Trial. It then separates each of these categories into two difficulty levels, normal and hard -- each setting has its own number of challenges. When you complete the individual challenges on either difficulty setting, you unlock rewards that range from extra colors and actions for each character to titles and icons that you can display with your player profile in online matches.
Of course, the Time Attack and Survival modes are pretty self-explanatory (you earn extra time based on your performance in the Time Attack mode -- or, in the case of Survival mode, health). But the Trial mode's pretty interesting -- it actually teaches you to play SF4 by making you complete specific combos for each character. A challenge with Blanka asks you to jump in with a heavy kick, follow it up with a crouching medium kick and a light punch, and then finish it up with a heavy rolling attack. This mode's a great way for newcomers to learn how to play effectively. "

To read the awesome full article click here.


Anonymous said...

did ne1 read nething bout DLC

Acecalibur said...

VERY nice! Trial mode sounds like we may have the 2D equivalent of Virtua Fighter on our hands.

Can't Wait.

Anonymous said...

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