Friday, January 9, 2009

GameDaily's first look at the Madcatz Street Fighter TE Stick and pads

Gamedaily has nice firt look article and pictures about madcatz's official street fighter IV Stick and controllers.

When i look at the TE stick all i can think of is that I cannot wait to get my hand on this baby.

From the article: "The Tournament Joystick, roughly the size of an Xbox 360 comes with the standard joystick and six buttons and seems sturdy enough to take a beating. Madcatz worked with Japanese company Sanwa to get the same exact buttons and joystick they use on the arcade versions of the game -- it's hard to get more authentic than that. At the top of the box is a special Turbo button -- once you press it you can assign Turbo to any of the buttons on the box. Just to cover all their bases, there are two types of Turbo -- faster and slower -- so hardcore fighting fans can get the fine-grain customization they're looking for. Once the customization is complete -- hit the lock button to make sure your settings stay put. "

Click here to check the full article about the TE stick and here for the controller pads one

Remember you can only get your hand on the tournament edition stick through a Pre-order. You cannot walk in a store a buy them. Amazon ahs recently re-opened the preorders. To preorder yours:

Click below to preorder the PS3 version of the SFIV TE stick :

Click below To pre order the xbox360 version of the sf4 TE stick: