Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here Comes the new unannouced project's world warriors!!

I would like first to start by Saying Thank you to all of you who submitted their applications and for the ones who sent kind words abt the blog. I am really thankful to all of you as the blog won't be what it is without you guys, the awesome readers of this modest blog.

Second, i was really amazed at the number of applications i got for the 5 voluntary positions. i was not expecting such a high number, i must say i was very happy to be proven wrong. Everyone who sent an appilation was very talented and really did fit for the position he/she applied for which made the selection process even harder. In the end i had to select 5 people who will join me in developing this big project.

For those who were not chosen in this first hiring, please do know that you really did fit for the positions, every single one of you, and that the blog will be expanding a second time in the coming weeks and you will get your chance to be part of other upcoming projects. The Street Fighter blog has started as a normal modest blog but it is evolving into something more exciting.

The new recruits are:

Graphic  Designer: Ian Saiki

Street Fighter Historian: Vasili10

Street Fighter News Editor: Michael Heritage

Street Fighter Manga Artist: Fillip F. Wright

Street Fighter Strategist: David Hall

Congratulations to you guys and i am looking forward to woring with you.

As for the project itself, give us couple of weeks to show you what we are working on. Believe me you will love it.

Big Thanx to all of you fellow blog readers.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, guys!

Anonymous said...

I don-t have to believe you, I already love the unnannounced project! :-)

Anonymous said...

vasili10 joining strugler!!!!! the street fighter world will shatter as we know it in awesomeness

good luck guys

asiantom said...


Os said...

cant wait to see this.

* PSN id: RIOS1982
playing street fighter hd remix

Anonymous said...

It'll probably be a full fledged site. :D

strugler said...

to Anonymous:

Nope :D its not a full fledged site. Maybe that is going to be the next project :P

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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