Saturday, January 24, 2009

IGN Reviews The Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Stick

IGN has their TE Fighting stick review up online and i am happy to say they are amazed at how great this new good looking stick performs.

From their Review: "Perhaps the most distinguishing factor between the TE FightStick and other fighting sticks we've used in the past are the quality of its components. The TE FightStick uses cabinet-grade components from famed Japanese manufacturer Sanwa Denshi, and the difference is clear. The buttons are firmly mounted, highly responsive, and the joystick moves fluidly without being too stiff or too loose. It should be noted that although Mad Catz is largely a western company, the TE FightStick performs like a Japanese stick. Those who prefer the more rigid responsiveness of an American arcade stick should definitely try the TE FightStick before they buy. If, however, you prefer the feel of a Japanese arcade stick, the TE FightStick performs right up there with the best of them. "

IGN awarded the much anticipated syick an outstanding 9.7 score.

I hope you guys have already preordered yours :-)


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