Monday, January 26, 2009

Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition Selling Out ???

Street Fighter IV is really turning up to be a hot item this year, as according to Seth Killian over at the Capcom Unity boards, the Collectors edition of Street Fighter IV is selling out and should be no where available in the near future.

Seth Killian: " Just a heads up--if you're thinking of picking up a Collector's Edition of SFIV, you should lock in your preorder ASAP.  Our production quantities are fixed, so this is actually a limited item, and the way things are looking lately, these are going to be completely gone in the very near future. 

I'd also suggest a preorder on the regular edition SFIV if you're hoping to play it the first days after release--I don't think anyone here was quite ready for the heat that's been building around the game lately and I just want to make sure that everyone who was already planning on buying it doesn't have to end up waiting, especially if your local store didn't happen to order extras. "

Wow! Street Fighter is becoming popular again, first the sticks are sold out and now the Collector's edition ?

Just a reminder: The Collectors edition includes the game (duh!) an HD 65 min anime abt sfIV, a collectible figurine (ryu for ps3, viper for 360), a comic book style strategy guide, a soundtrack cd and 5 downloadable costumes.

To preorder the Collectors Edition for ps3 through amazon:

To preorder the Collectors Edition for Xbox 360 through amazon:

source: Capcom Unity


John Tinning said...

Dont forget info on us europeans! We get both figures but no soundtrack CD, plus a nicer looking box :P

Anonymous said...

hmmm...i'm glad i reserved my on amazon last week.

@john tinning

i assume that "europe" includes the u.k aswell? i was hoping to get the soundtrack...guess i'll have to get it online. it'll still have the anime though, right?

John Tinning said...

Yep its a Euro release.. us in the UK get it, thats why we have all those languages on the disc :P We still get the anime, we get the same apart from the 2nd figure is in and the soundtrack is out, and a diff box that displays both figures

Shahryar said...

I just bought my Street Fighter IV Collector's edition from wal-mart because I have a bunch of money in wal-mart gift cards and can get a little cash back too (2% I think):

It'd be cheaper to buy from, but again, I wanted to use my gift cards

Here's the thread on slickdeals about this:

Anonymous said...

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