Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New 5min long japanese Street Fighter IV Trailer

Check out the latest  awesome Japanese trailer for the home version of Street Fighter IV:

source: srk forums

edit: Youtube version (Not as clear as the original link)


Adelheid said...

God!! fei longs ultra move is awesome!! thats it! im gonna preorder a special edition of the game :)

Anonymous said...

nice but ur late lol real fans (jk i no u a fan) pre-ordered the special editions when SFIV was first metioned at the beginin of last year lol

Anonymous said...

every body has new intros!!!!

Aaron said...

That was a pretty sweet vid. Loved how it showed the ultras. My excitement level just keeps on rising more and more everyday.

Anonymous said...

i've beeen waiting since last year for this game, so why does the last month seem like the longest time to wait! >_<

asiantom said...

With Anon #5
I agree, this month is killer.

Great post, great (old)Gen Combo :]

Anonymous said...

Poor me... I´m waiting the PC version! :( "Several months" after other versions... :´(


Anonymous said...


This so-called "trailer" is so weak, i just cant describe how weak it is! And you are so weak to post this crap on your blog!

Wondering why this trailer is a piece of crap? As far as i know, M Bison is known as M Bison within the Streetfighteruniverse and Vega is known as Vega and NOT A STUPID MIXUP of this!!!!

To the faggot who made this crap video: GTFO!

Anonymous said...

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