Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Street Fighter Blog is looking for 5 Volunteers to help with a SEEEEEKret future MASSIVE project

hello hello, what's up guys, the Street Fighter Blog is looking for 5 brave and talented Street Fighter fans to become new staff members and be part of a new Un-announced secret  BIG project that is affiliated with the blog.

The 5  jobs we are hiring for are:

- Designer: must be good with photoshop and adobe pdf writer

- Street Fighter Historian: Must know MOST of the Street Fighter canon story (Knowledge of Japanese langauge is a BIG plus)

- News Editor: Must have great writing skills.

- Street Fighter Strategist: Good writing skills and AWESOME street fighter skills are a must

- Street Fighter fan comic artist: Must be good at drawing street fighter and manga styles comics

if you think you are up for any of these great unpaid jobs (for the moment) shoot me an email at with the following infos:

- Your full name
- Age
- Location
- The job you are interetsed in
- And last but by no means least why do you think you would be the perfect person for the job. 

The last Day to apply for a volunteer position is Friday January 9th at 11:59 pm PST
The lucky few who are chosen will be contacted for more details.

looking forwrad to your emails!



breakingdishesz said...

sounds good! Good luck ya'll!

Adelheid said...

Good luck with the project guys :). i wish i could join but my english is poor and my photoshop skills arent that great, so then again good luck with the project

breakingdishesz said...

Official Street Fighter IV controllers unveiled!!

Holygriever said...

Good luck with that dude. I'd join ye, but I don't work for free. :p

Anonymous said...

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