Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wait is finally Over: Street Fighter IV released in North America

This is Indeed a day to celebrate and to remmeber, since it is the date where Sreet Fighter IV makes its way to the console owners.

We have waited more than a year for this exact day, how are we all doing? If you have the game already, i am sure you are enjoying it, the game is indeed a masterpiece that easily make its place within the Street Fighter franchise. If you are still waiting for your copy to arrive hang in there you have waited long enough that a few hours or couple days won't hurt and i promise they will go by fast ;-)

News on the street is that the game is selling out in most gamestops, bestbuys and walmarts (this at least according to few people on SRK) so i hope you guys have preordred or reserved your copies.

Congrats to all of us who waited this long to finally buy and play a new Street Fighter IV.

Dear readers, enjoy your game and see you all Online. 


ps: i should put up a review for the game tomorrow 


M said...

Heck yeaaa!!!! I got my game a couple hours ago. Went right into versus mode. There were a lot of people lined up outside of gamestop to get the game. And then next week i'll get another street fighter but the collectors edition since my order arrives sometime next week. So far Ken, Sagat, and Bison are my favorites. That move where you get invulnerability for a bit is really cool. I forget what its called, but you can make some cool combos with it.

Holygriever said...

Holy SHIT I have to start mashing F5 at my Order Status page now!

Anonymous said...

I pre ordered and it won't get here till tomorrow! Damn you video game release dates!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PC release date? :(

Ash said...

Strugler please remove the post picture of Ryu as it is really old and update with a newer picture :P

We Brits have to wait until Friday the 20th for SF4 to finally be released :(

Holygriever said...

Grab the game's tunes on the link below!

Os said...


Acecalibur said...

Holygriever you are THE MAN.

Also...SF IV is off the damn chain!! Try not to blow a blood vessel fight Seth in Arcade mode!!

asiantom said...

I love it!


Anonymous said...

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