Thursday, February 19, 2009

What would you like to see in the next revision of Street Fighter IV ?

Ono San has hinted that Capcom might consider a new version of Street Fighter IV. If this will indeed be the case, what would you want in it.

Here is what i personally want for the next revision of SFIV:

Super Street Fighter IV:

- 8 extra Characters (2 for SF3(urien and hugo), Thawk and DJ, 2 from sf1(joe and retsu), 2 from Alpha 3(karin and mika))

- MORE stages, preferably character specific stages.

- Bonus stages

- Revised anime cutscenes, the original idea was for the anime cutscenes to be longer than what they are, so i think they should add more scenes to them (i'll gladly pay for this lol)

- Online Lobbies with spectator modes.

your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

4 from SF III
Urien, Dudley and Hugo, Ibuki

THawk & DJ

Street Fighter I

everyone has their theme song not just rival characters.

MORE Iconic stages!

Anonymous said...

Street Fighter IV Dash

- T. Hawk, DeeJay, Alpha-Characters

- I dont like the SFIII-Characters, so...

- No new Characters like El Fuerte, C.Viper etc.

- MORE Stages!!!

- No Backstreet Fighter Intro!

St Flames said...

How about a parry system?

Same as SFIII-TS but perhaps like an EX move it uses a square of super combo gauge, preventing the endless parrying standoffs that resulted in the hopping around and not attacking that TS had with 2 parry-happy players.

Personally I'd love to keep the game Dee Jay free. I don't play as him or enjoy playing against him - and he's just a dated, dorky design.

Character wise, as someone in the minority of EX franchise fans, I'd love to see a D.Dark, Kairi or Hokuto in SFIV. From SF III - Ibuki would translate nicely I think, and would suit the visual style of the game really well. Urien would be cool.

Bringing in some SF1 Characters would be a cool way to beef up their back-story and all, but I can't see it having much appeal to 95% of the fans as it's hell obscure, whereas SFIII/Alpha/EX characters will have varied levels of appeal to gamers who 'miss' their go-to-guy from said editions.

I've always liked how Capcom transplanted Guy & Cody from FF into SF, and how they threw Sakura in Rival Schools etc. Something kooky would be fun - No Leon from Res Evil, please - but something from left field would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

One stage per character is a must...

I still don't believe that Capcom didn't go this way in SF4... Every character has to have his/her "home"...

And, of course, T. Hawk and Dee Jay.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people keep bringing up EX characters, it will never happen because it was a joint venture between CAPCOM and ARIKA... meaning Capcom is not gonna pay Arika to feature EX characters that don't even appeal to many people in the first place... especially in a numeral canon sequel of Street Fighter II.

Ono-San also said there would be no Final Fight characters, so as much as having Guy or Haggar would be cool. Just nip it in the bud.

Lastly if anything should make a return it's the Car smashing bonus round. That would be awesome in 3D. Or maybe a whole entirely new mini game involving the Sumi-E brush stroke effect.

As for Street Fighter 1 not being relevant, what are you talking about? Gen, Sagat, Birdie, Adon and Eagle all moved on to later sequels. For a while it was said the Lee is either Gen's son or the uncle or father of Yun and Yang.
Geki could have some relation to SF3's Ibuki. Mike may or may not be Balrog (they share the same bio -- Mike Bison)
Joe could have some relation to Abel... Retsu was a close friend of Gouken and even trained Ryu, Ken..and booted Dan out of the school at one point.

Some SF History for ya.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some fighters of the Street Fighter 1 like Joe (with his look of "Ghost" from Final Fight Streetwise... maybe to be rival of Ken), Mike (to make clear that he's not Barlog/M.Bison, the boxer.. rival of Balrog/M.Bison), Retsu (to be rival of Dan or Gouken), Geki (to be rival of Gen or Vega/Balrog) and Lee (the Yun and Yang uncle's to fight with Gen or Chun Li)... also some characters of the alpha series like Birdie (he's in the SFIV Udon Comic fighting Abel), Adon (to fight with Sagat), Eagle, Karin, R. Mika and Charlie/Nash

James said...

- MORE stages, preferably character specific stages.!!!


James said...

And of course, some new players, because those 4 characters are kinda lame. Capcom could've came up with something better, specially the boss. NEW BOSS!!! no seth

asiantom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
asiantom said...

I like your suggestions Strugler. I would not do anything drastic like I see in some other comments.
-Removing characters (removing anything is silly)
-Adding a the parry system?

Your suggestions seem well-rounded and non-offensive.

I don't think we should be trying to change any game play mechanics. Just adding new content (levels, characters)

What you said!

I would suggest Adon. :D

Ian A. said...

Well I know Ono said no Final Fight characters but I also think if there is enough demand it can happen, FF is part of the SF universe after all. I'd really like to see Guy, Hugo, Rolento, or Cody come back they are all cool designs.

Really need more stages, I don't like historic distillery. I'd like to see more stuff like SF Alpha(1) with gritty streets and public bathrooms and stuff, haha!

I think they ought to make a few free Alt costumes and then make some more pay for ones.

If they make a totally new edition on a new disc I'd like to see a few returning characters from each game with original characters as well.

St Flames said...

To this guy (Anonymous):
"I hate it when people keep bringing up EX characters blah blah"

I'm aware of the way the game was developed in partnership - and actually had mentioned that my list included things that WONT happen but I'd 'like to see', but omitted that text as I added more about other titles. Excuse me for reading the title of the post as "what would YOU like to see" to mean _ME_ and not - YOU.

"As for Street Fighter 1 not being relevant, what are you talking about?"

Did you not read what I wrote? I too stated that the story could be tied in nicely with the addition of SF1 characters that have not appeared since SF1. Never did i question its relevence - however, all the SF1 characters you mention in your little soap box @ my comment HAVE appeared in games since SF1 (therefore since the global phenom that SFII became) and have in varied degrees endeared themselves to the droves of fans - both casual AND fantical.
POINT BEING: SFIII/Alpha/EX characters are a noteworthy re-inclusion to a greater number of gamers. To understand this further, consider how many people who bought SFIV this week think Gouken is a 'new' character, and therefore his appearance means no more than an Abel or C.Viper.

Fall back and school someone who needs it, no shots fired, just didn't appreciate your attempt to look smart/cool/informed at the expense of my comment - which is just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Both you guys are retards.

Anything goes when it comes to what the fans want.

I totally dislike Sakura being in 4, but she's in cause she caters to another demographic. It is what it is. Saying SF 1 doesn't appeal or SF 3 characters don't belong is a bias statement...
Just look at the new characters alone, each one could come straight from SF1-Alpha-II-III
Seth is a total rip off of Urien/Gill.

Anonymous said...

yeah I'd like to see some ex characters too...Ono also said that there were not going to do any d/l characters EVER because they wanted to keep the roster small enough for people not to be overwhelmed.

just like it was stated before "if the fans want it bad enough" they'll do anything

and seriously no spectating and no bonus stages?? that was a MAJOR disappointment...I learn a lot more from watching matches than doing combos on a standing dummy. thank god for youtube :)

Anonymous said...

GEEZus, no friggin' T.Hawk!!'s bad enough we have a burrito makin' Mexican. No more stereotypes please! And cool it with the other "heehee" types. No R.Mikas, Karins, etc. Fighter types like Retsu, Adon, Makoto, Dudley, Hugo would be cool. I'd even take Mister Darun from EX as another wrestler...

Individual stages are a must!

I don't think parrying will make it in because Ono-san thought that it was too difficult for the old-school SF2 fan to handle. Um....yeah, like an old-school fan could handle the normal attack->special move->focus attack->dash cancel->Ultra combo...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll be seeing Thawk and deejay whether we like it or not in the next SFIV version...

personally all I want is:
- Ibuki

- more stages
(i hope they're not planning for premium dlc for additional stages)

- possibly new characters (4?)
(and no more ultra goofy ones like Rufus)

Kitsune said...

Hm... a revision has the potential for many things.

First off, bonus rounds. I say add the car smashing stages, but add a modern touch to them. For EX: Beating up a Ferrari at a racetrack.

Next, stages. It seems 4 has the same problem as 3rd Strike: reusing stages. IMO, remove the "clone stages" and create new ones... a Thailand stage would be nice~

Third, characters. I say go on and add Dee Jay and T. Hawk for the classic appeal, but also some SF3 chars. Personally, I'd love it if Ono could include some of these characters, but NOT all: Dudley, Ibuki, Elena, Oro, & Remy. Now you guys think; "WTF man! Remy?" I think it would be cool if Capcom could reinvent his moveset, so he's not a clone of Guile. New characters would also be nice, and improving on characters like El Fuerte and Rufus would be a great idea.

Well... that's it :P

Anonymous said...

No EX Chars there not SF true canon

but i wuld like alex, sean, adon(since he did have a cameo in sfiv) yun and yang, and ibuki, and guy

Jonny Modlin said...

I want T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon, Birdie, Geki, R. Mika, Juli, Juni, Guy, Karin, Rolento, Charlie, Cody, Sodom, Street Fighter III characters, Eagle, Maki, Hagger, more stages of character specific, bonus stages, longer anime cut scenes in the next revision of Street Fighter IV and want the next revision of Street Fighter IV to be a downloadable add on patch.


CheElmo said...

i think Ono shouldnt worry about lots of characters "overwhelming" players. personally, id LOVE to have EVERY SF character to play. ive always wanted to see Dudley vs. Balrog (Boxer), and Gill vs. Bison (Rose's other-half). PLUS Gill would look even more spectacular in SF4 graphics, dont you think? and we could see who is the definitive master of the claw: Vega vs. Geki. . . . .

Kitsune said...

Oh, they should also have Gill as a regular character. He may seem odd, but he does the "Yin-Yang" theme well. He should be a regular... but tone down his specials (half-life ressurection?)

FistfulOAwesome said...

I'd rather have a SFV with a mostly new cast. If V followed IV's model of 25 characters then 10 classics plus 15 new characters would be cool.

Kitsune said...

Hehe, sorry for coming back to this article so much. However, I want to post my absolute, final thoughts for what Dash should add:

1. Car Smashing Bonus Rounds (Preferably modern styled, Ex. Ferrari at Racetrack)

2. Remove “clone” stages; create new stages (Ex. Thailand stage, Sagat-themed)

3. Addition of parrying & 3 Super Arts for each character, however maintain 1 Ultra Art (Revenge Attack).

4. Change alt. costumes… some are downright ridiculous

5. New Characters (Create 2 new rows of 4 chars each & fill in [?]):

Street Fighter 2- Dee Jay, T.Hawk (classic appeal)
Street Fighter 3- Dudley, Ibuki, Elena, Oro, Remy with different moveset
Final Fight – Hugo OR Haggar, but any is OK (just 1 though!)
Street Fighter EX – Allen OR New Kung Fu Fighter (Fill in [?])

6. Innovate on new character designs:

C. Viper (Appearance tweaking)
Abel (Is the gi necessary? Emphasize on body scars)
El Fuerte (Remove cooking hobby, reinvent his moves)
Rufus (Turn him into a chubby & slow fighter, tweak appearance)
Seth (No copying other chars’ moves, have original “Yin-Yang themed moves”)
(Gouken is OK :P)

K... that's all~

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

I would absolutely love to see T. Hawk and Dee Jay make a comeback in SFIV'.

I'd also like to hear rival songs for all the characters. I was slightly disappointed when I heard that some characters wouldn't have their themes. Oh well... But there should definitely not be an ABUNDANCE of new characters in the revision. I could see that scaring off the new guys - you know, the ones Capcom wants to keep so they can stay in fighting game business.

More context and content for the anime sequences too. I've been keeping up with the entire SF story so it's not that hard for me to follow in 4. The problem though is that newer players or folks who don't keep up with the story would definitely think that the story is highly convoluted. So adding context and content would probably help the intros and endings out a great deal.


SFIV manages to keep the hardcore group happy, while giving the newbies a good solid look at what a great fighting game should be: simple to play, difficult to master. :-)

Anonymous said...

at least 2 Ultras for each character, but allowing players to choose only 1 for the fight...

The one chosen should be kept secret from opponents making opposition respect/fear Ultra meter more would be good strategy element to gameplay.

Anonymous said...

Rebalancing, one stage per character and Makoto. That's all.

verymilky said...

Well, for me it would be better to do revise the stage for the characters. Such as Blanka, it would be great if the scene is inside the Brazil jungle night time, instead on the bridge. Feels like a darker theme, just like Gen's stage.

Then, i want more character, but this time with rare martial arts style/type. Such as Silat, Silambam, Shaolin, etc... Capcom can do more research on that, i believe.

Karate? 4 characters already inside SF4. Please, no more Karate dude.

Lastly, can add character from Darksralker series? it would be nice to have one.

Mateus said...

- Parrying!

- Final fight chars

- Alex, hugo, urien, makoto

- More super combo movies

SilentChaos said...

ADON!! this great character is just not mentioned enough. Great anti-fireball moves unique personality. Also as previously said he DID have a feature, I think that it'd be cool to see him strive try to become more focused (after his thrashing by sagat AND his fight with Dhalsim)


Anonymous said...


Definitely more characters.

Do you think they'll ever make another marvel v capcom??

Anonymous said...

-GEKI!!, Eagle, Birdie, Adon, Karin
and I guess T-Hawk & Deejay
(for SSF2X completion)

-Some bad-ass Bonus Stages

-Destructibles in the stages
(crates, Barrels. etc.)

-Mightier CHARACTER-based Stages
(2 words: DOJO ROOFTOP.)

-(longer) cutscenes which actually TELL A STORY.
-Endings that have at least SOME closure
(c'mon really?...REALLY!?!?!).

-Oh, and a bit less suck, err,
I mean...Vocals in the theme.

But seriously this game already kicks major ass.

frankiii said...

Along with your ideas, I'd love to see a tweak to the way matches are created over the network.

"Quick Match" should be more like a matchmaking system where you're automatically placed with an opponent that meets your own criteria (connection speed, rank, etc.).

Right now it's pretty tedious to have to go choose matches from a list knowing next to nothing about the opponent and often times not even seeing a network quality rating. Many times, when the connection is attempted it fails anyway so you need to retry.

This is my one big complaint about the online multiplayer side of the game.

Masaru Kato said...

1) NO new parry/air blocking/gauge/hypermegacombo/useless technycism /etc... system. The game is cool 'cause it's simple (though I'd like, for example, to only 1 character to be allowed to air block... just like only some teleport, and only one rolls on the ground...).
Just give some character new special moves they had in the previous games (Ken is missing one, and Chun-Li too... geez, she's not Chun-Li if she can't double jump! They way you do her tenshōkyaku is lame and clumsy, too... just make it like the Cannon Spike!)... and plz plz plz give Guile at least 1 more special... even just a not-too-strong grapple like Abel/Zangief's. His movelist is soooo empty. T_T
And just MAYBE give every character an additional Supercombo (so total 2 supers, 1 ultra)... like Chun-Li's Kikosho, Ryu's Shin Shoryuken... to give them different choices.

2) Obviously, we really really REALLY need more stages, and especially character-related stages! This is a SF classic feature!!!
I can't believe that of all the SF2 stages, they kept only Chun Li's... that is not the worst (E. Honda's stage would get that prize), but still isn't that cool. I would have chosen the Great Wall anytime over it.
Oh and yes, more iconic soundtracks too... like... ALWAYS... not just at the end of the arcade mode. And why did they slow down Ryu's theme song in the final battle? It's sped up version in that preview trailer was so cool!
Oh and also what's that "East Asia", "South Asia", "Europe" stuff meant to mean? Just let me hear the airplane noise and some voice stating "China!", "India!" or "England!". ;)

3) Heh... more characters. ;)
Here's my priority order:
3.1) T.Hawk and Dee Jay, of course: not only they are the only two missing guys from the 2nd Tournament, they're 2 of the most underdeveloped characters in the franchise. So much it could be done with a western kick-boxer, for example!
3.2) Alpha people. I actually love them all. I guess among the first ones I'd pick Cody and Rolento (they said no FF characters? It's a shame. Anyway, these are SF characters already, so the problem doesn't exist). R. Mika seems an obvious choice (she looks like she's born to be in a game with this graphic engine, or maybe it's this graphic engine that has been made just for her... ^_* ). But there's so many more cool ones... Karin, Guy, Eagle, Maki, Ingrid! The more, the merrier.
3.3) SF3 characters. Who cares about birthdates and years passing? Just ret-con some date so we can have a cool "overall" roster. It's not like CAPCOM hasn't done that A LOT in the past, anyway! I'd go for the coolest brothers ever (Yun&Yang) first, then Makoto and Dudley... and Elena (the game really needs both more Africa and more Capoeira... and she's got both! ;) ). Anyway, like the SFAlpha guys... they're all pretty cool: Ibuki, Hugo, Poison, Sean, Remy (just for the looks)... here too, the more the merrier.
3.4) It would be cool to have at least one more "promotion" from SF1... and since Lee is dead and Mike and Joe would be copycats (Balrog's and Cody's)... my choice would go to Retsu (has some good storyline ties, and his own origins story is great), or Geki (cool looking guy, would be nice seeing him fighting Ibuki or Vega... yes, Vega uses ninjitsu, kids... Vega's a ninja too ;) ).
3.5) I would pick a missing character from a previous game (even copycats like the Dolls, Mike and Joe) over a newly made one any time!
Especially if it has to be another SNK rip-off like the new lady.
But to give more of a "World Tournament" feel to the game, I'd like to see a fighter coming from Australia/Oceania (Maybe a New Zealand native wearing the All Blacks shirt? That would be cool ;P ).
And most important... a TAE KWON DO purist from South Korea!!! How come that CAPCOM is the only one not realizing the BEAUTY of Tae Kwon Do?!?! I'd make it a female character, so we'd have something different from Kim Kaphwan and his family, or Hwoarang and all his clones...
3.6) Oh, and this game used to give us really cool enemy bosses once (Sagat, M. Bison...) but hey, isn't Seth the WORST CHARACTER EVER??
His looks lack of originality... seriously, ANOTHER NAKED FEATURELESS MAN??? And a bald one this time? We went from Gill (naked guy with long hair, body "paint") to Urien (naked guy with very short hair, facial "paint")... to a naked, bald, plain-eyes prototype of a person with a basketball in his belly!!!
Oh, and also... his storyline lacks of originality. Geez, first the Dolls, then the Necro/Twelve mutants, so this is the 3rd set of half-human/half-robot lab-rat-fighters they feed us. Damn!
And he has the cwappiest moveset ever, too... a "copypaste" collection!!!
I guess CAPCOM's script writers went on a strike the day they had to come up with a boss idea.
I wouldn't mind Seth being "rubbed out, eliminated... maybe even killed". ;)
Gill and/or Urien could take Seth's place as boss(es) (if we even need a unique boss fight for all the characters), as well as Twelve taking his place as "smooth-silver-skinned-lab-experiment-with-copying-abilities", who still at least has his own moves...

Master Spider said...

I'd like to see 8 new characters added from the previous installments; T. Hawk and Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter II series, Geki and Retsu from the first Street Fighter, Ibuki and Yun from Street Fighter III series, and Karin and Charlie from Street Fighter Alpha series. Also, I'd like to see more stages, especially character specific ones.

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for post-menopausal acne killer.
Examples include concealers, facial powders, lipsticks, eyeshadows, creams,
lotions, and acne killer scars. Spots on the chin will feel crusty.