Friday, March 13, 2009

1up vs SRK Street Fighter IV style! is throwing a new Street Fighter iv showdown! They are inviting six advanced sf4 players from SRK forums and challenging them in SFIV.

The matches will be streamed live on today at 6pm PST.

From 1up: "1UP's having a throwdown. We've invited six top Street Fighter 4 players from NorCal and SoCal to come into the office this Friday (3/13/09) for a SF4 FightCast/ShoutCast/BattleCast. In other words, we're broadcasting a live stream with some of the best players to battle in SF4, share their match and characters strategies, and chat about the fighting game scene. (And talk a little smack to each other.) Plus, we'll go online in search of the ubiquitousflowchart Ken, and get someone so angry that they'll ragequit the match.


When: 6 p.m. PST, 3/13/09, Friday. 
Where: Watch the video player in this post. 
Talk to us: Post your comments in the throwdown thread.

The Players

  • Alex: A_Rival
  • Andry: MAGUS1234
  • Anthony: Crackfiend
  • Long: LPN
  • David: UltraDavid
  • Neidel: Haunts

The online stream can be watched on the embeded player below:



Anonymous said...

Be gentle SRkers. Gentle...

Anonymous said...

Are they "top" players because they're friends with that 1up video exporter richard li?

they didnt play so hot last time so why bother watching now?

Holygriever said...

It just ended. Meh, kinda boring.

Anonymous said...

anyone know where I can see this? I missed it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

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