Friday, March 13, 2009

A new warrior has entered the ring: the new sf manga anthology

Do you remember the sf manga anthology we reported about couple weeks ago, which features famous mangakas such as Masahiko Nakahira and Masaomi Kanzaki ?

Well, the manga is now officialy titeled "A new warrior has entered the ring" and will be released in japan tomorrow!

Check out the official cover for the manga above>

Let's hope Udon will be translating this one as well!


FistfulOAwesome said...

Masahiko Nakahira is the man. Ryu Final is easily the best SF story ever written (his other ones are great too). Hopefully Capcom will use this story as the basis for a Super edition of SFIV.

P.S. Anyone who thinks I'm being too optimistic clearly hasn't read any of Nakahira's stories.

Kitsune said...

This will definitely be a good manga. Let's all hope UDON translates it!

Anonymous said...

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