Monday, March 30, 2009

Do you find some diffculties conencting to SFIV matches? Seth Killian explains why

Over at the Capcom Unity boards, Seth Killian explained why it is sometimes hard to connect to an online match by detailing how the SF4 online match making work:

Seth: "Just a note: difficulties with joining a match are based on the volume of people playing. When the servers are super busy, it can sometimes be trickier to find a match (this is a bit ironic, but makes sense when you think about it): 

From the time a match is posted on the searchable list, you hit the button to join it, and then the signal goes back "I am joining," the match is often already full from someone else doing the same thing. Since it has to match you up with another individual, rather than a larger group of individuals, and "join in progress" is obviously not relevant, the window is fairly tight. With hundreds of thousands of people all scrambling to jump through the same windows, it can be tough sometimes to successfully jump through that window.

As mentioned, creating your own match, setting search parameters in custom, and most definitely turning on "Fight Request" can be helps in maximizing your time.

I play mostly quite late at night, and since I'm on the west coast, the server action is relatively low (obviously there are still a ton of people playing, just less than during prime-time when people all across the US are active). The later I play, and the less other people jumping for the same hosts, the higher my frequency of connecting with people. Around 1am, it's usually around 100%. 

As for the rest, no double-blind was quite intentional for SFIV, and we're working on punishing the "pullers." "

Talking abt double blind selection, Christian svenson explained the actual situation of the feature:

sven: "  Double blind selection is something we beat the team up for ages ago and it just never got done. I've got no real news for you on that front right now but maybe eventually we'll have a solution."

Source: Capcom Unity via eventhubs


casperOne said...

It would be nice if there was a mode where it repeated the whole loop for you without having you confirm the settings for searching for a match every time.

I posted about it here:

HadoukenOnline said...

What I don't understand is why Street Fighter IV doesn't have the casual Player Match "lobby" in HD Remix. There, you could join a "lobby" with up to six players, mimicking the arcade experience with this so-called "quarter mode." Why didn't they include that in SFIV?

Anonymous said...

what is dbl blind?

Anonymous said...

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