Friday, March 27, 2009

Shizowa san Answers fans questions

Over at the official SF4 Dev blog, game producer Shizowa san answered a bunch of questions asked by the fans. The interview is of course in japanese but luckily Azrael from SRK Forums translated most of the interview. Check it out:

Q: Have you been thinking about any fixes for the home version characters?
A: Ah yes, the patch. In the same way we fixed things when going from the arcade version to the home version, we will be performing little tweaks to fix the odd parts.
When the title update is released, for everyone who goes online this patch will download automatically. 

(Az's Note: The question only asks about the console characters, but the person answering doesn't specify if she's only talking about the console chars or the whole game. She also says "the same way we made changes from the arcade version"...did they make changes?)

Q: We heard that DeeJay and T-Hawk were planned for the game but didn’t make it. We’d like to see them put in.
A: Yeah huh. They were already plenty developed…!
It’d be nice if we could do something to not let that go to waste, but…!!

(Az's Note: That sounds like a "no".)

Q: ROUND4? Is there development for a SFIV Dash?
A: That’s just language used on the SFIV posters. Since its Street Fighter IV, we just took the 4 and put it together to say ROUND4 for when the game went on sale.

(Az's Note: This is probably just promotional language for the console sale that may have confused people.)

Q: Will there be any other costumes this spring or summer?
A: We haven’t decided yet! However, it looks like there will be some sort of announcement this summer.

Q: Will there be a release of the making of the Sakura commercial (deleted scenes, etc?)
A: Capcom has no plans for that at this time.

(Az's Note: Bloody Japanese pedobears...)

Q: Any chance of seeing Shin Akuma or Evil Ryu?
A: Hmm…sorry, I can’t really say anything on the matter!

Q: Please enforce some kind of penalty for disconnects.
A: In the patch, we will be adding a disconnect ratio! But since this will include disconnects for natural reasons and not just ragequits, we’re also including a bail-out feature so that if you continue playing for awhile after a disconnect without any further disconnects, your ratio will restore itself! Yay! 

(Az's Note: The wording isn't exactly clear, but it sounds like the DC ratio will go down sooner rather than later.)

Q: We can feel Nakki’s (nickname for Natsuki) love for SF4 in this blog.
A: Oh, you’ve got nice eyes! To be honest, I’ve always been a big fighting game fan! Yay!

(Az's Note: Fuckin' Japanese nerds trying to get laid. 
...Don't know if I blame them though, she's cute I think.)

Q: Although you weren’t able to go on sale with the 6-button pad when the game was released, do you have any plans to sell it in the future?
A: Now, we are working hard on it. But sorry, no plans to sell it at this time. 

Q: No Mac version?
A: No plans for a Mac version at this time. 
I also use Mac as well as Windows, so I feel your pain! 

Q: We really want new alternate costumes!
A: We understand that the alts are really popular. You’ve made your voices heard.
…So for now, please cut us some slack!

Q: Sorry to say this, but the quality of the anime openings and endings just wasn’t good at all.
A: The prologues and endings are probably what we regret the most in a handful of mistakes. 
This is definitely something we want to work on for next time.

Q: When will the PC version go on sale?
A: We will announce the release date very soon!
Sorry to keep you waiting, but please wait just a little longer!

Q: For the next time, we’re expecting new characters that make us think “Ryu and Ken are fine, but this new character is cool and seems easy to use!”A: That makes me happy to hear…!
Abel really is a strong character, so I hope more people will use him.

Q; Shiozawa…yeah yeah, but Lil’ Ono seems pretty strong.
A: How rude!
Well…I can’t refute that though.
Not just me, but Endo is also the best! In no time at all, with just the PS3 and 360 controller he was able to unlock all characters and all color variations!

Q: Are there any extras for the PC version?
A: Basically, it’s a port of the home version, but we will be throwing in a little extra service.
More details will be coming soon!

Q: For the new home characters (Cammy, Dan, etc), we’d sure like a downloadable move list.
A: Definitely! Check the downloads page very soon!

Source: SRK Forums


Anonymous said...

no1 mention a lobby system?

The new king of figthers has already stated it will have one, and in my opinion it has a better art style.

I think street fighter 4 needs improve some how to prevent king of fighters from taking a share of their fan base.

Gamer K said...

I happy they are admitting the games flaws and mistakes. Nothing annoys me more about game developers and companies then when they feel there game is top shelf when its really not. Cough...Fable 2 ...Cough!

Anonymous said...

Q: Sorry to say this, but the quality of the anime openings and endings just wasn’t good at all.
A: The prologues and endings are probably what we regret the most in a handful of mistakes.
This is definitely something we want to work on for next time.

Notice after this comment, they never asked about 'next time'. Are we getting another sub-divide in the series (Like we had with every other SF, from World Warriors to Hyper Fighting to Championship Edition)? Or have the developed projects for other fighting series now that street fighter took off?

Gamer K said...

Im sure it means either a better version of the game or the next Street Fighter installment.

Anonymous said...

lobby system =/

FistfulOAwesome said...

For those who want a lobby system: Super Street Fighter II HD Remix.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I think SF4 does need a lobby system,

suggesting some1 play a different game because said game has a lobby system, is in fact, retarded.

Anonymous said...

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