Thursday, March 12, 2009

gamesradar's guide to not be a online Street Fighter IV jerk

Gameradar has published a fun to read list that is supposed to be our guide to not be a online SFIV jerk!

Obviously the number one tip is not to use Ken every damn time!!!!

from the article: " You see, unlike Street Fighter 1, there's a roster of 25 playable characters in SFIV. And yet we've seen ONE Abel player. ONE Fei Long player. ONE Sakura player (who probably only picked her because we did). And not a single Dhalsim, despite the fact one of the most recent SFIV tournament winners used Old Stretchy Arms. If you want to show true SF skill, use random select. Of course, if Capcom were to put Battle Point penalties for repeatedly selecting the same character, we wouldn't have to complain."

To read the full article click here

source: Gameradar  via Capcom Unity


MacabreDerek said...

I feel disappointed with some of these. Specificly 'Dont pick Ken, Dont Fake the first Round, and throws are cheap'.

Ken players, the average ones, tend to be predictable and quit after you beat them down hard after a blocked fierce/EX Shoryuken.

I tend to play safe during the first round, but you better believe if I get the chance to get aggressive and set up combos after feeling out my opponent's skill level, I am going to do it. If this means I am holding back from the first match, then that's how it's going to be.

And then there's throwing. Throw setups have been a staple of the game for as long as I remember, and they are no where near as abusable as they were in SF2. For an opponent who gets block-happy when you're able to start a block string, why go through the block string entirely and loose out your positioning? Take them down with a throw, and force them to start swinging back.

Gamer K said...

Im a Ken player myself but also use other characters. I think im one of the few that play as Rose. I do use throws alot and I know ppl that bitch about it. I cant beleive they not mention the hadoken/shoryuken cheat with players of Ryu. I just laugh when I hear of how balanced this game is.

chillcut said...

Most of these points are crap - or are from someone who got his ass beaten up really hard online.

theres a reason why theres no invisible char pick -> balance! unlike sf2thdr. and to everybody complaining about balance: this game is really good balanced, but for sure not in every combination char/skill (i.e. pro zangief vs noob akuma). u cant balance different skill levels, so GTFO. when we talk about balance, we talk about the same skilled players.

throws are cheap? throws are cheap in a certain situation? bullshit. just counter/block whatever u think is cheap and punish the crap out of your opponent and stop crying, douchebags! theres nothing in the game u can call cheap -> the competitive gameplay is all about winning. so do everything you need to win! spam block/throws? DO SO! spam anything else what other ppl call cheap? fine, DO SO! i just dont get where the problem is, stop crying and start learning!


Anonymous said...

much respect TO :chillcut you said it all


and throws are perfect 4get complainers like he said they improved from sfII

Anonymous said...

and who cares what char is used the most they still can be beat so learn and no im not a ken user ima abel

Anonymous said...

Derek I agree with you 200%

Anonymous said...

J.Wong came to my city a few days ago and tore a hole in in everybodys ass ( mines included) but what i notice from watching him play is that he never complains about shit . the point is ,when you play street fighter you play to win. If you can't win you should learn how and if you have to throw , counter pick or play the same character its not a code its not a cheat its the life of street fighter.

Gamer K said...

I love those guys, girls and ghouls that say this game doesnt have balance issue. If it didnt have balanced issues there be no infinity combo loops, hadoken/shoryuken cheats, and Seth wouldnt even be in the game.

Chillcut said the balance is perect cause its only the gamers who suck or dont know how to play that complains. Its that kinda thinking that proves the game in not as balanced as what everyone says. Theirs a difference between getting you butt kicked and getting your butt kicked because someone knows how to use an infinity loop combo. Losing once and awhile is a learing experiance that everyone must go through. If its your goal to win by any means then you have no respect to yourself or others.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with alot of points made on that site, Im a pretty good Ryu, Cammy and Abel user, but 99% of people I play against on XBL fall into alot of those categories, namely the not using a icon/title to lure people into playing them, faking the first round and in some severe cases, using lag switches to delay gameplay while they take advantage *this happens alot against specific Sagat and Ken users i've played against this week.*

I don't mind the odd loss, you can learn from it, but this game really does suffer from balance issues in online play, and players abusing the same combos and moves *Hint turtling Akuma players and air fireballs*.

Before anyone goes "OH U CAN'T BLOCK"...yes actually I can but theres a point when you have to think "Right this is stupid this is all this guy is going to do the entire match and im not going to get a fair game here" and just throw the fight and play someone else who's half decent.

I can't see why records are so important to some people that they have to whore cheap moves, lie, and cheat *lag switches etc* in order to get another notch on their belts, some people need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

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