Thursday, March 12, 2009

REMINDER: Plz vote on the Street Fighter polls

Hey Guys!

I am reminding everyone and asking you guys to please vote on the Anime polls. The polls will be closing in 2 days and we have only 450 votes. 

This blog currently gets between 4000  and 4500 daily Unique visitors and only 10% of that number have voted.

I would like also to remind everyone that the results of this Polls will be communicated to Capcom's Licensing Team, the staff members who can greenlight the next Street Fighter Anime series ;-)

Thank you All! 

vote vote vote :P

The Poll is on the left of this page!


Kitsune said...

If Capcom is going to make a Street Fighter anime... let it not have a cliche storyline with cliche good v. evil and such... I feel it should revolve around Ryu's journey to become strong and ultimately kill Akuma. Boss characters should only make short cameos. This anime should also kinda be like a "slice of life" anime. But this is all IMO, so you don't have to listen.

Anonymous said...

How about you post a link?

Anonymous said...

event hubs says capcom is not done making HD remixes!

strugler said...

@ Anonymous

the poll is on the left of the page.

Anonymous said...

why do fans want them to make a anime series, thy will only screw it up.

every1 has different views on sf, making this anime would only end up bad 4 the fans.

anime movie = yes
on going series = not gona end well

Ian A. said...

I voted No on Both because I don't think anybody knows how to make anime anymore. The original one is enough.

I am tired of seeing the SF characters drug through the dirt time and time again with these lame movies, animes, and comics. Even the anime IN SF4 is horrible.

Anonymous said...

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