Friday, April 17, 2009

And the big announcement is.......Championship Mode DLC coming next week

The wait is finally over! The big announcement promised by Shizowa san is the release date for the free Championship mode dlc which is April 24th for japan. 

What about the us ? well according to Kotaku who had the chance to ask Seth Killian, the championship mode will also be release on 4/24 (next week) in North America. Not sure if it is the same for europe.

According to Azrael from SRK forums who translated a Famitsu article as well as Shizowa san's post here is the list of features included in the free Championship DLC mode:
 -- Disconnect ratios added. Players who were disconnected on will NOT have that factored into their own ratio.

-- Will be able to launch the game from PS3's Home

-- Championship Mode available 4/24.

-- If you set the Championship option in your settings, you can take place in Championship matches from quick or custom match, and also from arcade interrupt.

-- There are different classes of tournaments - G3 is for beginners, and then it moves up in skill to G2, G1, and the top class is SG.

-- As you fight championship battles, you get grade points. Your grade points determines your skill class, and lets you participate in tournaments with stronger opponents.

-- Both the 360 and PS3 versions will let you watch replays of winner's matches in championship mode. The replays will be available from the ranking chart.

-- PS3 ONLY - You can add NicoNico-esque comments to the replays.

-- 360 ONLY - You can download the replays to your HDD to watch at any time, and you can toggle an option to show which keys were pressed by the two players.

And according to Kotaku here is more details on how the championship mode work:

"Here's how the tournaments work in the Championship Mode: Tourneys are divvied up into five different levels, making it possible for players of various skill levels to compete on the same footing. Like with tournament play, character selection is "double-blind", meaning you cannot see who your opponent has selected for his fighter. Player score Grade Points (GP) for wins and can use their accumulating GP total to enter higher level tournaments.

Those who win tournaments get Championship Points (CP), which Capcom compares to "prize money". So fighting against players with higher GP means a bigger CP purse. The top 5,000 CP leaders get the option to upload replays that are available for everyone to watch on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

As we previously posted, the PS3 version lets users vote in real time on things they think "Funny", "Awesome" or "Beautiful" — and vote every 30 frames (which is 2x per second). There is a cap to avoid total spamming, Capcom points out. Voting is not possible on the Xbox 360 version; however, as we posted previously, players can save their machines and see which inputs players are using."

Awesome stuff isn't it? Not sure why each console version gets something different though. I would have liked to save the replays on my ps3 as well :-( Stay tuned as we contacted Capcom asking for the reason, i will update as soon as i get a reply!


Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed that the game only add a mode. SFIV should improve balance and system, or garbage is still garbage.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about PC Release date?

Anonymous said...


this is good but people have been asking for a social lobby system BEFORE the game was released.

Struggler I'm sure you would like to see it for player matches so find out will ya?

Anonymous said...

If you read to the end (right at the end) of the blog post, it also announces the release date of the PC version.

Quoting the end of the post:


which I translate to

'And... well, well, there's one more. Announcing the PC version release date to be 5/1 (Friday)!!'

Anonymous said...

My apologies - the blog isn't announcing the release date. It's announcing the announcement of the release date -_-. Apparently we'll find out the release date on 5/1.

Anonymous said...

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