Thursday, April 16, 2009

Choose the characters and watch the outcome in the Street Fighter Dojo

A new website has seen the light of existence! The Street Fighter Dojo is a fan made Street Fighter video gallore.

not only you can see videos of top players playing street fighter but you get to choose the characters. Let's say you want to see a Ryu vs Honda match, just select Ryu then Honda and the website will give you all the Ryu vs honda matches available.


Anonymous said...

lol, seems if its not about comics than the blogger must be really grateful to event hubs for doing all the work.

the posted website is very good, albeit a bit amateur. alot of work must of gone into it, shame most the vids are poor quality.

Julian Spillane said...

This site is a perfect opportunity to learn new strategies. Thanks a lot for the post Strugler!

frum Da hood said...

to the first anonymous,

bro we are getting really tired of your redundant comments.

As mad monkey explained to you, you have to compare the times before judging.

strugler posted this at 10am while event posted at 12.

you do the math. besides i really dont see why you keep coming back if you are not enjoying this blog.

i wish strug will give someone the ability to control comments so we don't have to read your comment every single post.

peace from da hood

Anonymous said...

Da hood, 12am comes before 10am, you do the math.

Peace out from da hood yo' keep it real and gangstarr* 4 everizzle!

Anonymous said...

@ the first post:

GTFO if you don't like.

Anonymous said...

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