Friday, April 3, 2009

Gamesetwatch interviews SFIV sound director and composer

Gamesetwatch has a nice interview with both the Sound director and composer of the mega hit that is Street Fighter IV.

From the interview: " GSW: What sorts of objectives were driving your work on the Street Fighter IV soundtrack?
Endou: For both the music tracks and sound effects, we thought a lot about what would have an emotional impact. Choreography was very important. While we could rest assured that Fukasawa-san's songs sounded great, we knew the effect would be compromised if the timing were off."

I must say they both did a terrific job, and the remixes of the old sf2 themes are awesome and so is the characters themes, not to mention the excellent Japanese voice work.

Check out the full interview here


FistfulOAwesome said...

I've ragged on SFIV a lot on this blog because it did not meet my standards for a new game in one of my favorite video game series. It feels good to know I can finally say something good about it.

The sound in SFIV is the one thing about it that did not disappoint me. Many of the new songs are absolutely perfect for every area and character they represent and the old themes are given a wild new flavor with their remixes.

Reading this interview I could tell why it turned out so good (in the sound department). Fukasawa and Endou did a great job.

Strugler, I'm sorry if my ribbing of this game has annoyed you. At least now you know there is one thing about the game even I think is good.

P.S. On a side note, I actually think the English voice acting is fantastic. I don't know why so many people think it isn't great.

I prefer the English voices to the Japanese ones (nothing wrong with them, I just prefer the English voices)

David said...

Glad to see other people enjoy the English VA as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

yeah they aren't that bad, at least i understand what they're saying now hehe

Anonymous said...

I like his hair :D

dommafia said...

@fistful, well a lot of people like myself are enjoying the crap out of SF4 :)

Gamer K said...

Well as far as the soundtrack is concerned the re-re-re mixes of the classic theme songs are great however all the new stuff is forgettable. The soundeffects I had no problem and the english voices were hit and miss.

Anonymous said...

The music of the intro is a SHAME for a game like that. The others are OK.

But OMG I first was afraid, then laught so much when I heard the intro's music for the first time... Now I'm crying hearing it all the time; it drives me insane.

however the game is excellent :)

Anonymous said...

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