Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rage quitters your quitting days are numbered!!!

I cannot say how much i hate ragequitters! they really mess up the Street Fighter IV competition! if some one disconnects 10 seconds after a match starts because its too laggy i might understand, but pulling the ethernet cable at the last second of a match you are loosing is called "ragequiting" and is wrong!

Acording to Seth, Capcom is preparing a new rage quitters punishement rule. No details have been given yet.

Here is what Sath had to say: " In other news, have faith--SFIV has a sweet new puller-punishing system is on its way..."

Interesting isn't it?

source: Capcom Unity


MacabreDerek said...

I'm not sure how much faith I have that it will stop Rage Quitters.

It's just inherant in every game that involves direct competition, and is going to happen even if you punish the action.

That, and how long we've been waiting for SF4 to be updated with the replays we were promised.

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

Get em!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why care about if somebody quitts or not. If you dominate a guy and then he quitts you knowe that you were the better player and you can't even learn something in this matches. You don't need to see something like YOU WIN to feel better. It won't get you any further.
This is just my opinion.

j said...

Hey, anon, you are completely missing the point.

It's not about feeling superior or seeing a win sign. It's the fact that these people are abusing the BP scoring system and completely ruining leader boards and stats.

This in turn defeats the purpose of these game modes in the first place.

Anonymous said...

There should be a penalty for disconnection like losing a few pts (-1pt for example). That will stop quitting too much and also encourge lagging people to play someone closer to them. Is there a ping system in Sf4?. I haven't got the game yet..

Anonymous said...

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