Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Street Fighter is the king of fighters


oblique said...

I watched that the other day, I don't really agree with the ranking, I wonder what the criteria was.

Gamer K said...

Well this is one sorry top 1o list. They left out DOA, Battle Arena Toshidin. Also I rank a few games much higher. Right away though I knew they name Street Fighter #1.

Anonymous said...

virtua fighter #2??? WTF!

SandersBerg said...

Gamer K maybe because the post was "Street Fighter is the king of fighters" :P so what is your top 10?

I can't say I have played a lot of them... heck i can't think of a game for my #10 :P

10. null
9. Tekken
8. Mortal Kombat
7. Killer Instinct
6. Last Blade
5. Soul Calibur
4. Capcom Versus
3. Samurai Showdown
2. KOF
1. Street Fighters

mynando said...


I agree that they forgot DOA (Dead or Alive).

Acecalibur said...

Virtua Fighter is the king of 3D fighters.

Street Fighter is the king 2D fighters.

Know this.

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

If Street Fighter is the king of fighters, then I guess the King of Fighters game series should be called the "Runner Up of Fighters"?????

Gamer K said...

SandersBerg you want my top 10 then you will have it on Monday my friend at

StarNab said...

I agree on most of the games except Samurai Showdown. And YES Virtua Fighter DOES deserves that 2nd place !! Give the game a serious try then you'll know

Anonymous said...

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