Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Street Fighter IV PC comes with extra juice!

Street Fighter IV has already been released on Consoles and is doing great! The PC version however is scheduled for summer and according to Seth Killian it will come with some extra.

Here is what Seth Killian had to say: "SFIV PC has a little un-discussed juice yet to reveal--stay tuned. "

I wonder what the extra juice will be? Dee Jay and t-hawk? extra stages? something else? Time will tell

source: Capcom Unity


Anonymous said...

Probably with an extra DVD with videos, trailers and other stuff.

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

Oh goodness - don't tell me. Juventud Guerrera's gonna be in Street Fighter IV.

Ian A. said...

Street Fighter 4 PC comes with one liter of minute-made orange juice.

The special edition has pulp.

Anonymous said...

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