Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you guys want a new Street Fighter anime series ?

Hey there SF fans around the globe.

A while ago we conducted a poll asking if you, fellow readers, want a new Street Fighter anime tv series. The poll results were in favor of the idea.

The results were then sent to Capcom licensing team and hopefully this will give them the incentive to hire a major Japanese anime studio to make a long overdue good SF anime tv series.

In the mean time you guys can let capcom know how bad you want the anime series by replying to this thread in Capcom unity that started as a question from a user about the missing Akuma vs Ryu anime clip that was a no show in the ties that bind anime, but at the end the thread became more of a request to Capcom to give sf some more anime love.

Let you voice be heard.


Dan!!!! said...

I'd love to see one but is it going to play on t.v in America are they going to force us to listen tot he bad english duns(original language is always better) personally I'd rather see a marvel vs. capcom I kept hearing all these rumors about.. =D

Gamer K said...

I love a Street Fighter Series but not like SFV or Street Fighter Alpha or that crappy american version.

FistfulOAwesome said...

Dan: I personally love the English voices. The voices are one of the few things I liked about SFIV.

As for the series: I hope that they can get Masahiko Nakahiro or at least someone like him to write the series. That guy is one of the few guys to make a great story out of the Street Fighter Mythos and I'd really hate to see this series become an excuse to animate Shoryuken's rather than focus on the characters and their struggles.

ScarFace said...

Original stays original. Ameriacan voices are somewhat different after the original voice experiance. I think it is individual but. I might have liked American ones if I would have heard them first.

I hope it will be on TV in Europe too. One should move to Japan every time they produce something cool.

ScarFace said...

Yeah I forgot to answer ...I totally want new series. Imagine viewing it in some new graphic engines. Japs always have something left in their arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Street fighter anime based on the UDON comics!!!

FistfulOAwesome said...

The Udon Comics storylines mostly suck. Hopefully they won't be involved.

Anonymous said...

it will only be done wrong.

Anonymous said...

To FistfulOAwesome

Sorry, but I can't agree with you. Feel free to prove me wrong but, in my opinion, compared to the latest comics, movies's and animes, the Udon comics had the closest story based on the game (to SF alpha and the SF II anime at least ).

What kind of SF anime storyline would you like if Udons story is not good enough?

Ian A. said...

I think Street Fighter should be a game, not an anime. The characters are too one dimensional and there aren't really any interesting stories to tell. Just look at all the crappy and just AVERAGE comics, and animes already out there.

Even the actual story in the games is stupid.

Of course if they make an anime I dont have to watch it, so they can go ahead and please the people who want to see, but, I doubt they can do anything good with the material.

Basically I have lost any kind of hope for anything good. THE ONLY good SF thing that wasn't a game was the first anime movie and even that doesn't hold up too well when you really analyze it.

FistfulOAwesome said...

As I've already said, anything by Masahiko Nakahiro is pure gold (Street Fighter Alpha, Sakura Ganbaru, Cammy, and definitely Ryu Final). His stories should be the basis for a series.

I don't like Udon's stuff because they don't seem to have any respect for the lesser SF characters. Very little story time is devoted to characters like Birdie and T. Hawk despite the fact that they are very well developed characters while the rest of the story time is spent drawing Shoryuken's rather than honestly developing the characters outside of what is already present in official canon.

They aren't completely horrible (their Dan sidestory in Legends: Chun-Li is spot on) but they don't have the balls or respect to handle a series proper.

Anonymous said...

To FistfulOAwesome

I understand and you have a good point. When I think about it you're right that it's easy to miss the rest of the cast, if you're at shoto fan - which I am :)

Unfortunately I havn't read those SF manga you mentioned yet. But I'll try to check them out soon :D

Avi Green said...

A new Street Fighter anime production could be great, especially if Chun Li, Sakura and Cammy were the primary focus this time.

Another Person said...

The Udon comics are great. There is no way they can make a "comic series" that includes all 40 something of the street fighter cast in a storyline and actually divulge into their storyline like Naruto does (you know what I mean? 'cause every episode of Naruto was a "memory"). Now if Udon IS involved, that would be GOOD because then Udon would have more time to elaborate on their characters and etc. It's just...40 something characters "the lesser characters" and etc. is a lot.

Anonymous said...

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