Monday, May 11, 2009

Videos of the Day: Street Fighter IV prologues and endings Compilation

Sorry, couldnt find a compilation with the Japanese Audio lol

Although the animation is low budget i freaking love these prologues and endings. What do you guys think of them ?


FistfulOAwesome said...

They are hit-and-miss. The prologues on average do a decent job of catching up on the characters and/or giving us their motivation but the endings are mostly dreadful. We learn near nothing about Seth and his organization and only a few characters have endings while most only have snippets of a larger story. Hopefully the upcoming SFIV manga will do a better job on finishing the story than the endings did.

Anonymous said...

i hav to agree....i dont see the point of having intros and endings when they are that short to begin with....i would of been quite happy to wait a few months for capcom to make more of an effort with the anime like they did with the game

Ian A. said...

They were horrible and made me less interested in the street fighter story all together as well as making me never want to see another anime made. Now I just want the fighting and don't care about the story at all. These endings just convinced me that Capcom has no idea what they are doing in the story department.

Anonymous said...

they were shit, the art work was way off and didnt match the game at all.

Capcom have even said that if they could change something about street fighter it would be the anime.

The special movie that was animated by the same team was the worst sf movie ever.

The author must be blinded by their love for street fighter, blinded.

Anonymous said...


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