Friday, May 8, 2009

Street Fighter IV pc and its multiple buying options!

The PC version of Street Fighter IV is coming July 7th. The game will be available on both retail for $39.99 or digitally for the same price from many digital distributors. Sven from Capcom Unity has the full scoop:

Sven: " Obviously, Street Fighter IV PC will be available at retail on a normal Games for Windows DVD at retail for $39.99 (shipping in the US on July 7th). Naturally, it will also be available for purchase in the Capcom estore  Best Buy customers will have a little special gift in the form of an Eagle One animated comic DVD bundled with the game.

We’ve mentioned before Street Fighter IV PC will be available for digital sales at a variety of places (same price $39.99/€39.99). You’ll pretty much be able to take your pick of vendors if you want it digitally:’s estore, SteamImpulseDirect2DriveMetaboli,,   GamersGate and others to be named later.

Lastly, while I’ve hinted at it before, given that the mouse and keyboard really isn’t an ideal way to play Street Fighter IV, we felt we needed to take the opportunity to provide a turn-key solution by creating a controller/game bundle SKU in the US.

For $59.99, inside that big cool box, you will get Street Fighter IV PC in its own Games for Windows DVD packaging and the rare Street Fighter IV Fight Pad. Given that the game and pad normally sell for $40, each (good luck finding the pads though as they’re still in short supply, ebay prices on the Fight Pads,  often run over $60 by themselves), you’re effectively buying one and getting the other 50% off. (Or, if you look at it in the inflated ebay value way, buy the pad, get the game for free!)

The Fight Pad is the exact same as the Xbox 360 fight pad that is sold separately (Ryu design only), so if you have a PC AND an Xbox 360, it’ll work on both for future titles. For the PC on Vista (and presumably Windows 7, though I haven’t tested the new RC yet) the pad just plugs in and works “out of the box” with Street Fighter IV. It’s the same pad we were demoing on at Captivate a couple weeks ago. A painless and perfect SFIV experience.

We took the bundle out to retail buyers and we’ve built pretty much exactly the quantity we’ve got orders for. So when they’re gone, they’re gone. If you’re interested, do not wait to place an order as you will likely miss them.

The bundle is going to largely be available at two places:’s eStore (I’d expect them to post the SKU up soon). Some of our subdistributors are taking a bit of volume so I wouldn’t be surprised to see places like Fry’s and Microcenter also carrying them too. If you see em out in the wild in July, get em while the gettin’s good

And sorry Europe/ANZ folks, unfortunately retail placed no orders in your territory so the only way you’re likely to be able to get your hands on it is via the Capcom eStore which now offers international shipping (we know, it’s expensive but these are our costs)."

I am not sure if my pc will run the amazing looking game but i will give it a shot. Who is with me?

source: Capcom Unity


Anonymous said...

well the PC version is a big disappointment, nothing has changed but a few extra shaders.

I was a fool to think that the PC version would solve SF4's problems LIKE LOBBIES.

Also keyboard marcos ¬_¬ only a matter of time before you got games where the doing a ultra is done by pressing 'U'.

ill wait a few month, see if the game can be hack by fans to improve it.

btw, ill tell you whats in SF5, lobbies, street fighter 3 characters and bonus stages, you know the stuff the fans wanted.

Anonymous said...

^ hopefully not on 2019 lol

Julian said...

@Anon: Are you the same guy posting the same shit all the time? SF4 was great and fun. It might not have had all of the features you wanted, and you're totally entitled to your own opinion, but don't presume to speak for the 'fans'.

Frankly, in my opinion most of the SF3 characters sucked. The gameplay was great, but come on...Urien? Oro? Necro? Meh.

Juliano said...

There's no such thing as Macros to pc, there are no macros that work perfectly, even a slight press on a forward key for example can cancel a macro. You should worry about those macro arcade sticks in the PS3, that's some bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Did I understand it right there will be no retail-versions of the game in Europe (I mean without FightPad) ????
or did Seth just mean the package WITH the fightpad ???

Anonymous said...

It's Sven. And no,he meant the bundle version.

Anonymous said...

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Capn said...

wow, if juliano isn't the biggest retard to live...

anything on PC can be macro'd. ANYTHING. I think I'll start with my 1st gen logitech g15...kthx case closed

Anonymous said...

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