Monday, June 29, 2009

Street Fighter IV PC Release date announced!

Finally! a release date for the PC version of Street Fighter IV has been announced. According to Microsoft SF4 will be release July 7th for the price of $39.99 so that is only one week from now.

You can preorder the PC Version of SFiv with a discounted price from amazon here:

SFIV + Madcatz sf4 pad bundle:

SFIV pc version standalone (discounted price):

The Pc version comes with the extra shader option that is not available on consoles. sven even went ahead and claimed that the PC version is the best port com[pared to the 360 and ps3 version.

Sven: "The PC version is the best of the lot on the right hardware (for all of the reasons you'd called out above). I hope that PC enthusiasts take a shine to it and support it. It deserves it. "

Let's hope that this is true as i will be getting the PC version as well.
Make sure that your pc will run SF4 before cashing the money for it by downloading and running the benchmark tool released by Capcom few weeks ago.

source: Examiner and Cap Unity


LeonX said...

Well, I expect about the next update for console versions (mainly) would contain Spectator Mode and Lobby List for 8 players. Please, give it us Shizowa-san!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Capcom should release it now. There are already pirate copies of the game on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

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