Sunday, July 5, 2009

SFIV pc Leaked to the net, users already working on texture manips?

The PC version of Street Fighter IV is supposed to be released in 2 days. However few users got their preorderde game a bit early. Not only that, but the game has leaked online over the past two days.

And as you all know, PC games have a history to receive fan made hacks and graphical mods of all kind. A proof that SFIV will be no exception, is the image below, done by a PC user who is aleady experimenting with playing with textures for the sf roster.

While the image shows a melted face sakura and red faced Ryu, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing some cool fan made outfits, like a naked Chun-li for example.........Wait i did not say that, i repeat i did not say that.


papucho said...

give a link to where u got this from so we can follow his findings

Tom said...

I think the Sakura face melt was an unintentional fuck-up of some kind - when I worked in the games industry, wierd stuff like this happen all the time with games under development, like characters eyes extending out on stalks and jaws becoming disconnected


This has come out already over here in the U.K makes a change that we actually get somthing before other countries picked it up on friday and unlockin all the fighters its well cool.

Nando said...

I would like to see a naked Seth... HA!!!! He's already nekkid, fools!

Anonymous said...

gay :P

Red White said...

All characters with large large nipples. I have said it and it will happen. Mark my words. Also aside from naked mods:
Zangeif in a thong
Honda in a diper
Seth rogen
Bald Balrog with a face tattoo
more weird face mashups
girls will have tattered clothes mod
Sakura with hello kitty undies.

I have said it, and it will happen. Mark my words.

There must also be a website for this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I call this 1st

A green ryu in alternate purple costume to resemble The Incredible HUlk :)

watch i bet this will be one anonymous called it

M said...

Haha, true about that Ryu color scheme. Guess Hulks model would be complete already if they plan on Marvel vs capcom 3.

Yagami said...

I hope they'll be able to color the hitboxes so we can see them just like in STHDR. that would be really interesting.

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhh chunli with a lot of pubic hair,
Cammy already has the 3d nipples!
nb:Chick fight!

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