Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Sf4 mods strike: Character movesets swap hack

A sf4 pc owner found the way to swap complete movesets with stances between characters. So if you ever wondered how would Balrog look if he had Chun-li's moves, well wonder no more:


Nando said...

BWAAA HAAAH HAA HAAA!!!! That is sooo hilarious!!!!

Chun-Li looks so funny as Sagat. Pause it on 1:09. Holy shit that is scary.

George said...

Hoooooly crap. Hahahahaha

Nicely done man.

Anonymous said...

pretty well done, that's funny xD

Haha but i don't think capcom will laught about it ^^

Emrah said...

Wonderfull .

FistfulOAwesome said...


Ominous Red said...

These are awesome clips!

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