Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Street Fighter IV Dash: Let your voice be heard!

Street Fighter IV dash, the imminent yet to be announced sequel to this year's best fighting game should be in the works. Ono San and other Capcom emplyees have made it clear that they are listening to us fans and we should let them know what we want in the soon to be announced sequel.

Few Capcom untiy users, including myself, have created some threads asking for some specific additions or modes in SF4 Dash, the most notable one is the "ggpo forsf4 dash" thread weher we are letting Capcom know that GGPO style Netcode is a must for the sf4 sequel. While sf4 is a great game the online is far from perfect especially compared to the awesome lag-free HD Remix netcode.

The second thread is mainly for Street Fighter story lore fanbatics. In it i asked Capcom about adding a detailed story mode a la Blazblue (if you haven't checked that do so immediatly). While some people disagree i believe Street Fighter series has a great stroline outlined however it was never really fleshed out, except for few points and timelines (sf alpha for example).
A story mode (in addition to the normal arcde mode) will give Capcom the opportunity and medium to flesh out all their characters. Aksys did a great job in terms of storytelling and story mode in blazblue.

Agree or disagree? Make sure to let Capcom know:


Anonymous said...

Hope they add world tour that's like Soul Calibur's weapon master! Oh, and of course dramatic mode (2 vs 1)!!

Anonymous said...

fuck the story, the story is for the losers that buy the actions figures and comics, let that stuff do the story.

All effort should be put into making the gameplay as good as possible.

Anonymous said...

more fucking characters... Third Strike characters, bring alpha characters to such as adon, alex, sean, ibuki, dudley, yun, makoto. As for alpha bring back, Karin, Final Fight charaters.... oh an polish the damn game. Screw the whole story, just update characters, and gameplay. In addition, give them at least two supers and 2 ultras, why is it that gen is the only character to have two ( yes he has two styles but still) Sorry for the bitching, But im tired of Fuckin seth and ono saying let our voices be heard and not doing shit wit the game. I dont want to hear they cant put the characters i listed above cuz it doesnt connect with the story...bull shit sakura is still fucking young as hell in part 4, when is the bitch going to grow the fuck up. Ok im done lolll

speck said...

Is a lobby too much to ask. I have to much friends to play with to bother doing 1 vs 1 all night, I don't even play street IV anymore I play fuckin blazblue because of that (and it's awesomely great).

Anonymous said...

You forgot this thread

Anonymous said...


It is clear from the community response that sf4 would sell regardless, common sense say to leave out some of the killer features the community want, for the next version.

Capcom are here to take our money, believe it. Look at the alts.

Anonymous said...

Story is really pointless. The series didn't make the impact it did because of story. Tweak the balance a bit, add brand new characters, and improve gameplay.

Leave the storytelling to udon or something. I don't understand why that isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Street Fighter has an awesome story. if you dont know that i suggest you read tiamat's sf canon guide. in fact sf has the best story of a fighting game, however the games themselves dont expose the story well.

dommafia said...

I'm with anonymous (lol) All these features were OBVIOUSLY LEFT OUT. To think that they didn't know how important lobbies are is stupid. They saw how well it did for hd remix but somehow... "ooops we forgotz the lobbies lolz0r!"

All the shit they left out will be the bullet points of features on the back of the box of the next sf4. And sadly I will still buy it :(

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Anonymous said...

dommafia gets it, I agree

Any1 ever say this kind of stuff to capcom?

Red White said...

I say they did right by us with the first version of the game. It's on my regular play schedule and there's always folks online and it's still fun as heck. I loved the extra options and story and trials because for the first month or so, I didn't have the chance to play online. Plus the story is there for those who care anyway. I can't see why people don't want more narrative to their games but I digress. If it's true there was a lot of worry of whether or not the game would sell well, the experience they did bring was beyond awesome. The fact that they wanted to do more but held off to see how well the game managed is fine by me and so what if they wanted to try out a game without lobbies? They always say hindsight is 20/20 so let them test different things out with the Rank mode, regular play and Championship mode. But paying for content already on the disk was very irritating indeed. If it's on the disk, let us play it when we shell out 60-80 bucks for it and don't nickel and dime us for it. It's a horrible practice that should really stop.

If it was between more story or more gameplay options, I would have to go with gameplay. I'd love to see more done with the story but for the moment, I'm satisfied with what SFIV is and will evolve into later on.

Anonymous said...

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Paul Garcia said...

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AWYN said...

For IV Dash, and subsequent updates (including SF V and beyond) must have BlazBlue storytelling visuals. The Street Fighter series desperately needs it for so long...

Not having a story in fighting games is like playing RPG without story. Try playing a Final Fantasy game without a story, you'll be bored fast.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog?

What does a fighting game based off player vs player gameplay have to do with Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy without story would last like 15 minutes?

Street Fighter without story? Over 20 years so far.

Anonymous said...

capcom please just do everything the fans want and ask for this time around, more characters old and new, more ultras and supers, a more detailed story line , lobbies, and last but not least more alternate costumes (for free!!!!!!!!!) us fans have been dedicated for years so can we get the big pay off this time around.1

Anonymous said...

I actually like the SF story and would like to see more of it on the sequel. I would also like to see some freakin BALANCE in this game. Sagat and Zangief are waaaaayyyy too overpowered, while Rose, Gen, Cammy, Sakura, Vega, and a others are way underpowered!

ryuha1234 said...

I want more new characters and more ultras and more supers for each character.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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CHUYITO said...

give another ultra n give cammy her "killer bee assault" special and as for chunli her "Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku"

Anonymous said...

I want to know my opponents average FPS before I accept his challenge!

Put a FPS bar right below the Connection bar.

Anonymous said...

Tone down Ultras!
They should help you make a comback, not insta-win the round!

Anonymous said...

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