Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Street Fighter IV for $19.99 at gamestop

Talk about a steal! Gamestop is running a special from today the 28th until Friday august 2nd that lets you buy a new copy of Street Fighter IV for both PS3 and xbox 360 for only $19.99 (That's 40 bucks less that its original price)

If you still did not buy a copy of Street Fighter IV for your beloved game system i suggest you do so now!



Anonymous said...

I was about to say something like FFFFFFF*****CK, but hey i've already waited like 10 years for a new SF, i think waiting an extra 6 months is way too much hehehe

Steve said...

I had the game in my hand last night. I was thinking "Hey $40 (the price then) is a pretty good deal." Glad I waited. I know where I'm going tonight after work.

Anonymous said...

My guess is they're dropping the price because Capcom may make an official announcement on Street Fighter IV Dash/Championship edition.

Gamestop will need to do this to move their remaining copies. The original version wont sell if a new one releases, people will just wait for the new one.

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Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like ass, but I think it is bad idea to buy SF4 if everyone trying to sell it for 20 dollars because they are going to announce SF4 Dash/SF4 Championship Edition soon, so I would rather to save my 20 dollars for Dash.

Think about that, I don't think GameStop want to get stuck with useless SF4 because people would rather to save money for SF4-2

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Anonymous said...

i think they did it because kof XII just came out ;)

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