Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Questions and answers session with Shizowa San

At the official Street Fighter IV blog, Shizowa san has posted a new Questions and Answers set answering fans questions about all kind of Street Fighter related topics.

Azrael for SRK was kind enough to translate most of the post with a promise to translate the rest soon.

Q.How do I unlock Fei Long?
A.If you beat the game with Abel, you can unlock Fei Long!

Q.I was thinking of reserving the PC version of SF4, but its out of stock. What should I do?
A.Really sorry about that... The pre-orders really exceeded our expectations. We have been scrambling to make more copies.

Q.I'll bet even Capcom didn't think that it would sell so well this quickly! LOL

Q.It would be nice to have an option where the CPU characters used the alternate costumes...
A.To be honest with you, to try and do that now would be very difficult...!

Q.There are certain attacks which have attributes which break Saving Attack.
 I'd like to know what the conditions for those break attributes are.
A.To answer this, I've gotta interview the project leader!
  He was asleep from a long day of hard work, but I woke him up to get his answer.
Its a bit long, but this is him giving you a straightforward answer!
  "Although the current setup has its pros and cons,
  the break attributes were something we introduced in the latter stages of development.
  SA allows you to both defend and attack, and since it can be cancelled into a forward or back dash
  its a pretty potent ability for the person using it. (That's one of its charms.)
  The battle concept for SF4 is controlling the ground, similar to SF2.
  If you jump you have to land at some point, so this is a fight where you have to use footsies well, push
  your opponent into the corner, pressure with chip damage and throws, and look for the smallest opening.
  Especially at mid range, you have to be really careful. And the ease of use and effectiveness of SA really
threw off the game balance.
  Characters with a good in-close game who could rush down were way too strong.
  On wakeup, you could repeatedly threaten the opponent with a Lvl 3 SA.
  So we went through a trial and error adjustment period, and this was the best system that we could come up with!"

Q.Ken's eyes are blue this time.
  They've been brown up until now.
Why are they blue all of a sudden?
A.That's a question about the little details, so even I don't know that stuff.
  But after talking with the main designer of the arcade version Ikeno, and the design team,
  the result was "Well, this time we'll go with blue!"
  But you'll notice that his eyes are brown on the character select screen. So really, I think he's
wearing color contact lenses!

Q.I think it was a good idea to include characters from the Alpha series even if its not time accurate.
  The timeline from SFI to SFIII has gotten all mixed up anyway, so this was a good call.
A....Yeah, this was up for discussion a lot.
  The most obvious example is, of course, Sakura.
  In the anime, Chun-Li calls her the "Eternal Schoolgirl", but in SFIV we didn't really elaborate on it.
  Just, Sakura's character is "The female highschooler who chases after Ryu", so we decided to stick
with that design rather than change her.

Q.Personally, I'm concerned about Vega (Claw).
  He's definitely very weak, I think anyone can see that.
  It'd be nice if he could get at least one unbeatable attack. Is this possible?
A.Ah, the loketests he was a bit too strong, and in development we constantly tweaked him,
never quite finding a right balance.
  Controlling him can be tricky, and compared to other characters it can be difficult to bring out his
full power, but I believe that if you hang in there and you'll be able to do well with him!
(Az's Note: In other words, NO TWEAK FOR YOU! ...Also, I dunno what she means about the loketests, I was
at a few of them and we never thought of Vega as strong, not that I remember at least.)

Q.Thank you for your reply. I'll be back to ask questions again, so please continue this blog!
A.Thank you for writing in Japanese! Please keep making comments!
(Az's Note: Maybe she's responding to one of you...?)

Q.Would it be possible to make a SFIV TV anime from the special DVD, plus the arcade mode openings and endings,
  and adding some new content in as well?
A.This is something we really want to do, but actually getting it on air there's a lot of hurdles to overcome..

Q.Have you cleared everything in Trial Mode yet?
A.I can't finish it!!!

Q.Akuma has always had poor vitality, to the point where you can say his armor is like paper.
Is this just for game balance, or are some story elements involved as well? Like, if you master the Satsui No Hadou,
it causes your life force to drain away or something...
A.Well, I've never heard of that, but if that were true it would certainly add some depth to the series!
  Truthfully, because Akuma has enormous damage output capability, we reduced his vitality to balance him out.

Q.If you (Shiozawa) were a playable character, what would be your style, win/lose quotes, super and ultra?
A.What's up with this question?!
  But since it was asked, I have to answer!
  For fighting style, it would have to be TKD, which I studied.
  My taunt would be "Low-life..."
  My win quote would be "As expected"
  My losing quote would be "..." (pouting)
  Super combo...give them a back kick against the wall, finish it off with a blow to the neck/head.
  Ultra...I want at least a 10-hit combo. For the finisher, I'd slam down on their back from mid-air with my heels!

Q.Does the PC version have options for the sound test?
A.No, its the same as the console versions, just options for volume level.

Q.Looking at the father (Gouken) and the brother (Akuma), Gouken's daughter would be pretty bulldog-ish, wouldn't she?
She'd probably be named Kyoko (I think referring to some female Japanese wrestler).
A.Not Kyoko! I think she'd be a beautiful, graceful lady. Her name might be something like..."Violet"!

Q.Who is drawing the pictures you sometimes post up here?
A.Those are all from the "Street Fighter Art Book" I mentioned here before,
  so there are many various artists!

Q.If you can't make it a new character, how about turning DJ into a capoiera character?
  He's black, he dances, he's passionate, he fits the capoiera perfectly.
  ...Maybe it doesn't work after all?
A.If DJ learned capoiera...he'd probably become good friends with Eddy!
  Capoiera might be a nice top-off for DJ's rhythm!

Q.If there are any new costumes coming (?), the Kamen Rider look would be great for Vega
A.You had a good idea for me, but unfortunately I'm kinda lost...sorry.
  The Kamen genre definitely exists, huh? I want to see it!

Q.Maybe its kinda late, but what are the conditions to fight Gouken in the arcade.
A.I see, the details were never released, were they! Well then, let's spill em.
  First, the game needs to be beaten with Akuma.
  Next, beat the game with any character you've already beaten the game with, fulfilling the following conditions.
  Gouken will jump in, and if you beat him you will be able to use him.
  No Continues/Cannot Lose Even 1 Round/Win With Designated Number of Perfects
  (Ex: 3 Round Match, At Least Twice) Super of Ultra Finish
  (Ex: 3 Round Match, At Least Five Times)Get the First Attack
  (Ex: 3 Round Match, At Least Ten Times)
(Az's Note: The question was about the arcade, but she answered for console. And in Japanese the conditions also are
hard to understand.)

Q.I've searched, but I haven't been able to find what Vega says at the continue screen.
  All I hear is "seisei"...
A.I gave it a shot myself! It's gotta be "seisai wo"!

Q.Are there any plans to make the mobile site compatible with the iPhone?
A.None right now. Sorry!

Q.SF4 makes the first time I've come to want some figures!
  Any chance for an affordable yet highly posable SF4 series from Revoltech or figma?  
  And if it happens, the first release should be Cammy! LOL
A.If you want figures, then it means the characters are really appealing!
  Thank you very much!
  I also would like some poseable SFIV figures.
  Something not too expensive!

Q.Is there any chance that the first/early designs for Rufus could be introduced as a character somehow?
  Maybe like a relative or acquaintance or something?
A.I'd like to introduce him as a relative or something like that!
  That first design was pretty cool, huh? I understand becoming a fan of it!

Q.Why don't the new characters have names for their normal moves?
  I'd like for them to have names for their normal moves as is standard.
  I'm concerned over these particular details!
  Sorry for being a Street Fighter freak!
A.A freak who gets hung up on the little details is the best!
  Ah, the normal moves don't have names...
  I just learned something.

Q.Will there be any more downloadable content in the future? I'll give you three options.
  ・Undecided (Don't Know)
A.Undecided (Don't Know)

Q.In Challenge Mode, Survival Normal Level 2,
  Who is the famous person in the crowd??
  I have no idea LOL! Please tell me!!
A.Heh heh heh. Well, you definitelly have to look reeeeeeeeeally hard to find em.
  Pay close attention to the 2 Italian mafia guys.

↑・・・Haven't you seen...somewhere before...heh.

Q.The models for SFIV are really nice! Would it be possible to get Cammy, Gen, or
even all the characters the next time?
  Bandai, Capcom, Natsuki, how about it?
A.Yeah, how about it?! Bandai!

Q.(In the Blog about the models) - Hey, that's Seth in the background! LOL
A.Yep. I tried to blur it out, but you noticed anyway!

Q.How about a moe character?!
  It would be perfect for the modern times.
  Capcom should also make a fighting game featuring cute girls jumping up and down.
  But just don't sacrifice SF for it!!
  I just wrote what I felt, so thanks for reading this long garbage.
A.Yeah, when we think about new characters, one of the important points is "Can they compete with Ryu and the rest?"
  Even if the character is fine on their own, they have to fit into the world of Street Fighter.
  That's the biggest challenge in making characters.

Q.In the next iteration of IV, give Abel an air throw!
  You can call it "Flying Seiyaaaaaa!"
A.I laughed.
  You gave it a nice name and all, but the last half is just him screaming...
  But even if it is just a joke, this is kind of Abel-like, so it's pretty good.

↑Is this what you had in mind for the Flying Saiyaaa...?!

Q.1: Can SFIV be found in arcades overseas?
  I'm going to Guam this summer vacation, and not only do I want to play overseas,
  But I want to go to local game shops and arcades as well.
  It'd be nice to challenge people overseas in SFIV.
  2:Can the English voice actors speak Japanese?
  In the home version I set the voice options to English, and when Ryu says "Hadouken",
"Shoryuken", "Tatsumakisenpyuukyaku" etc I was surprised that the prounciation was pretty good.
  For "The Movie", it was all "Hadu--ken", "Sho--ruken", "Tatsumakizenmya---gu" and like that.
  3:Is it not possible to use the console version for arcade events?
  There are various events for the arcade version, but
  you can't do an update or something to include the console version?
  You can but won't, or you can't - please tell me which it is.
A.1:There aren't really any arcades as there are in Japan in America.
  Even if there is an arcade, its the type where you stand while playing (like pinball).
  Unfortunately, they didn't get the arcade release of SFIV.
  2:There were voice actors who could speak Japanese,
  but basically, most of them couldn't.
  However, during the English recording session, sometimes they were instructed that "it sounds too much like Japanese,
so make your prounciation worse". Interesting, isn't it? update would be really difficult.
  If we could do it, it would be really interesting wouldn't it...

Q.In my circle of friends, its considered rude to taunt your opponent.
  And so we treat it as something that shouldn't be used.
  How should we use them in the future?
A.Yeah, we've gotten a lot of comments regarding taunts/appeals...
  Its difficult to define how they should be used in the future.
  If, in a tight battle, there was a way to use them to say "This was a good fight!" without leaving yourself open
  Or, if we could add the appropriate amount of wit to them, then maybe they'd be more user-friendly.
At least, that's my personal opinion.
  If there's a big difference in player strength, then a taunt can be taken the wrong way,
  But this is something individualistic about the characters that we'd like you all to enjoy.
Something like that!

Q.Playing everyday, this is something that's bugged me, but in the anime
when Akuma fights Ryu, what's the name of the multi-air fireball he throws at him?
A.I have no idea! I don't think its been named yet...
Q.In Rufus's ending, I laughed to see the two of them walking and enjoying themselves!
  Then after that, Ryu got a ride from Ken, didn't he? But in the animated movie as well as SFIII,
  Ryu turns it down and says "I'd rather walk"...
A.Yeah huh... Especially SFIV Ryu, it seems like he'd be all hard on himself, and while in deep thought
  he'd say something like "I'll go by my own two feet."

Q.As he is the default choice on the character select screen, I've really come to like Abel from all the times
I've had to use him. I'm not winning a lot, but I like his production and lose quote "karada ga...")
  and really grown to like using him.
A.Heh heh, thank you very much!
  Though he's often called empty, really he's a character that's fun to use and strong, and he has his own
personality and his lines are cool too. So I'm really happy that you've come to like him!
  Keep on using him until you master him!

Cool stuff!

Source: SRK Forums


Anonymous said...

Poor slut... I make wonders with Vega (Claw) but during Online Mode, I lose again and again... Why ? Because Vega (Claw) as NO PRIORITY AT ALL ! Who cares if he is weak (attack/stamina) ? He just lacks PRIORITY ! But I think it is too difficult for Capcom bastards to understand that... I pity them...

Anonymous said...

A.Ah, the loketests he was a bit too strong, and in development we constantly tweaked him

Is loketests = Location Tests?
Does it mean Vega was once too strong at the beta stage?

But honestly, its happier to see a too-strong Sagat then Vega;

to a lot of casual players, you know why you lose to Sagat, tune your reaction a bit and you can find a way to kill him, but Vega, most of casual players is like "WTF" when they lose to a powerful Vega, like they have no idea how to avoid his throws and crossups.. etc
i.e. when vega is overpowered, we are gonna see a lot of vegas online making casual players throwing their controllers away and fuck the game cos they dont know what happened when they see "VEGA WINS".

Anonymous said...

some very stupid questions were asked

Red White said...

You know, I like the idea behind the taunt as an action that shows it was a good fight. Sometimes I find the taunt disrespectful too but then again, I punish those who taunt horribly and they sometimes lose the match because of it. Though some taunts are funny, like when cammy checks her pulse and says "This is hardly even a workout" after taking someone down to low health fast, haha. And of course you can't help but love Dan's taunts. I know I fight one guy and we start each round with the same three taunts. Jump back taunt, crouch taunt, regular taunt, fight! In fact, I swear his jumping taunt gives him more height in his jumps.

I'd like to see a straight answer one of these days as to the future of SFIV.

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