Thursday, October 8, 2009

Famitsu interviews Ono san: few hints are dropped

Famitsu website has recently published a long interview with Ono san talking about everything Super Street Fighter IV. The interview is very informative and has quite a few hints. were kind enough to translate the highlights of the interview.

"Throughout the interview, Ono stressed that Super is being designed to include as many features as fans want to see included. Asked for specifics, he mentioned expanded online play. The staff is conducting tests on how to replicate the excitement of arcade tournaments such as Enterbrain's recent Tougeki tournament. He actually joke that if they do too good here, players might end up not going to arcades.

If Capcom is trying to replicate the feel of being an arcade, does this mean we'll get live online match viewing? This is something Ono said that he'd like to do. Additionally, he'd like to strengthen the game's replay viewer feature which was added with Championship Mode.

While select members of the Western press were able to play Super behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show, it appears that the game was early. Development had just recently started, and Ono even joked that the development staff might have been surprised to hear the Spring release date in Famitsu.

Ono also shared a few additional hints on new characters. He previously suggested that Juri would not be alone as an original character for the game. Here, he added that the other newcomers may make use of surprising fighting styles. He recalled Viper's inclusion for the original SFIV and the varying fan opinions that resulted. Now, however, everyone has gotten used to the character. He said to expect something similar here -- a character at the borderline of what fans might accept.

SFIV's home release was accompanied by an anime DVD as a pre-order bonus. Stock ran out on that quickly, Ono recalled. For Super, he said that while nothing has been set, he'd like to do something similar.

On the topic of download contents, Ono confirmed that the game will offer from the start the same arranged costumes that gradually appeared for SFIV. Those who already bought the costumes will not have to purchase them again. He also hinted that more costume arrangements are on the way.

PlayStaton Home avatar items clothing could also be on the way as well. Ono said that he's hoping to have discussions with the various first parties.

One area where Ono would not touch upon is the new design for the Ultra Combo gauge. The site told Ono that there appears to be a "meter" in the gauge. "There's no meter," replied Ono. The site then asked if the green thing between the "Ultra" and "Combo" words is the letter "I." "Eh? You can also look at it like that?" replied Ono."

Pretty interested huh? i am very excited to see that they are considering a new SSF4 Anime movie.



Anonymous said...

"other newcomers"
meaning there might be more than Juri and the rumored Hakkan...

with 3 of the supposed 8 new roster slots filled already... they better make room for Ibuki and Guy

but other than that I'm happy to see fresh new faces

Zaruka said...

i think he was talking about the new character as being the rumored hakkan, oh yea i hope ibuki in there then i have a choice of two characters gen or ibuki lol

Anonymous said...

Nothing about PC version ¬¬

Gordon said...

come ono at least tell us who are the characters thats gonna be in it give us like 1 or two lol

George said...

There's still much time left before the release of this upgrade so sparse info on the new characters is to be expected. I was really happy to hear all the tid bits he did reveal.

Then I was even MORE happy that he's sporting the shirt I designed and gave him at Evo!!

I have a few available at my blog if you'd like to check it out.

julio said...

I havent gotten used to Viper and probably never will. I wonder what Ono means by "borderline acceptable". And if they do come out with another anime, I guess I´ll just have to avoid it.

Nando said...

@George For real? He's wearing your shirt? That's kick ass!

Can't wait for this game to come. I'll sell my copy of SFIV Collector's Edition after I get SSFIV, though. lol

George said...

Nando, yep! Ono is definitely awesome :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's an "I". If you look at one of Juri's video, her meter has a "II" showing she's using her second Ultra.

- Med from France

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