Sunday, February 10, 2008

Video of The Day: Street Fighter IV already released .... for NES !

while we are waiting impatiently for any news about Street Fighter IV, some people are already playing it at the comfort of their home on their amazing 8bit NES.

Apparently the main hero of Street Fighter 4 is not Ryu but a guy named Goho-li. Other characters include another shotokan fighter named Pasta, a british army guy named Stalong, a japanese samurai named musashi and so many other fabulous 2 colored characters.

I know you guys were not gonna believe me so i had to show you the video which i attached tp this post. Now im not excited anymore about the AOU since the game is been out for about 15 years now.

By the way, apparently all the characters are midgets as proven in the video at 02:43


Bboy05 said...

LOL funny shit
never thought i will see pasta shooting Hadokens

slim_slow said...

i wish i had this when i had my nintendo,
everyone can hadouken FTW

The Grey Ghost said...

I love how the central theme of the CPU's strategy is "walk into all fireballs".

strugler said...

@ the grey ghost
I guess the cpu likes to keep it simple lol

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are playing it wrong %) I played that shit in early 90's. Stalong have really simple infinite like move. Just press back+kick and you will do some kind of really effective special and will get easy win against all cast.

PS Problem of all NES street fighter fakes, they all really imbalanced due to some mistakes in copying the characters. %)

Mad monkey said...

good lord! how many hadouken characters are they in this game?

LOL at 02:45, giant monks or pigmet characters bwahahaha

Bboy05 said...

Kotaku got it from this blog without putting a source. But other sites are giving props to Kotaku for finding this video on youtube! what a load of bullcrap

The S said...

I played this years ago. Hilarious stuff.

Anonymous said...

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