Monday, November 3, 2008

The latest SF4 select screen directly from the sf4 grand tournament held today in Japan

Here it, the latest (not the final of course) SFIV select screen, showing both Gouken and Seth as playable characters.

As you can see there is a room to add 4 more characters at the bottom of the screen, we already know that fei, dan, and cammy are in, therefore there is one more character to be revealed. Who might that be?

PS: I was actually hoping for a playable Fei long and Dan, well, maybe next time


Anonymous said...

It might be a ? for random selection?

mdouglas said...

Didn't they say there was supposed to be another alpha 3 character? or was that just Fei? if not, Karin PLEASE!

Holygriever said...

Yay Karin for Munjin-kyakus!

Os said...


who is above dhalsim & ryu?

Anonymous said...

Sakura is above Dhalsim and Seth is above Ryu.

Ross Burt said...

oh man, please not Karin. So many much cooler characters it's unbeleivable. Someone from third strike would rock my world, like Q or Hugo

Thad said...

How about Evil Ryu, that would be cool!

mdouglas said...

RossBert...agreed. I would rather have some of the characters from 3rd strike, but I thought I heard somewhere there was going to be another alpha 3 character. So I was hoping for karin. Would u rather have R. Mika?

Super Sonic said...

Gen please!

Ruivo said...

Elena or Alex would be nice characters from 3rd. Strike to appear in SF4.

It would be nice to see Alex vs Abel... :P


Immortal said...

Alex or Dudley! I'm sure it'll be Karin though.

It's all good.

Anonymous said...

gen is dead..didnt u see the first sfiv animation and it looks as if they hav room for 8 more chars not jus 4 look how much space at da bottom compared 2 da top

Anonymous said...

Please let it be Rose!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see Makoto from 3rd Strike as a good addition to SF4.

Zebulon said...

Ibuki is the best choice; having her and Cammy in will make the game for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i figure its gonna be karin or ibuki

Anonymous said...

It's going to be Gen

Anonymous said...

yup its gen NICE now thats a tru char choice one of da best chars

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