Monday, November 3, 2008

Street Fighter IV to be released on February 2009 according to Ono

Today marks the begining of the Street Fighter IV grand national tournament, held in Japan.  And according to Ono San announced for the first time the release date for the home version Street Fighter IV which will be February 2009, merely Three months from now.

ps: anybody knows of a safe method that will allow me to freeze my self for 3 months?  :-/

source: Dengeki


Anonymous said...

They said that about Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix!

Holygriever said...

SSFIITHDR should be coming this november, shoudn't it? SFIV comes this (american) winter, so february is a safe guess.

That being said, please share that freezing method.

strugler said...

@ anonymous and holygriever

tru, ssf2thdr is coming this month. I guess we can play hd remix while waiting for sf4.

freezing oneself is never a good idea, remember what happened to cartman when he froze himself waiting for the Wii :p

Jonny Modlin said...

i'm excited that street fighter iv is coming out in february 2009.


Mike said...

Has there been confirmation from another source? Or should I just stop worrying and just be happy :)

lildavey said...

Sounds likely, but the Dengeki link you provide shows only a screenshot with no accompanying text. Since most other stuff you post here "translated" from Japanese (see Karin rumor nonsense) turns out to be made up out of whole cloth, I'll take this with a gigantic grain of salt.

strugler said...


link now fixed, and it does clearly shows release dat is feb 09, also the official street fighter website now lists the release date as feb 09
as far as the karin rumor im still looking into it

Anonymous said...

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